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  1. Hello, first of all I think it is a shame that you have waited around 18 hours to report me - when we already had a conversation in liaison yesterday. You went to ask admins for their opinion when we were in liaison from about 15:35 to 162 - most of which several of you were muted up and you left us alone - you didn't bring me to chat to the admins with you and just left me waiting. You didn't come back to me after their chat or back to the liaison so I had no idea we had any issues as you said nothing. As a result I have no recording from my perspective. I would like to apologise for not
  2. @James Travers Ultimately I do not feel like this is really my fault. My aim was not to blow him up, I did not directly ram the ifrit I merely ramped over the top as I tried to avoid the rock on the left which resulted in it blowing up - just a classic case of Arma as I could do this 3/4 times and nothing would happen. I chose to offer him comp because justifiably he was annoyed and I would be too if I were in his position - even though the 'VDM' was not intentional. However once he started to lie to me about what he had and proceeded to carry on with that story I was having none of it and wi
  3. @James TraversI was just fed up with him trying to lie about what gear he had, If he was just honest with me from the beginning I would of happily comped but when you lie just constantly to gain more money it's just shady af and I was not willing to comp him after that. It was just a sarcastic reply tbh.
  4. What happened was rather unfortunate, I'll show you my POV, https://gyazo.com/817d1a3205e04e7d6b7987c367e4966e. Fair enough I hit the vehicle and caused it to explode, I will offer comp. Can you tell me what you had please and I'll comp you (I'm going to show you his replies, This bit is spicy) https://gyazo.com/6be667b772728830e0691b6ab22a43b8 Ok can you prove what you had just so I can be sure that's what you had. This is his reply https://gyazo.com/fcb57a6339d6c04625bdbca0f1851126 So I'm just curious to see if he actually had a MK1 and you know... wouldn't lie to ga

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    2. Weiss Triton

      Weiss Triton

      @Chris M Could possibly fix that?


    3. Chris M

      Chris M

      smh cant do much solo without my partners in crime @Malfang@Lil Diego

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      @Chris Mgonna have to pass on this one. I have recently become reformed

  6. Is this skin being implemented?
  7. @GREENY Any interesting dreams lately?


    1. GREENY


      😂 you are such a bad influence on me 🏎️

  8. What a medic this guy is, always there when we most need him. Keep it up bud!
  9. @Charles Vane I didn't bother recording
  10. Yes, please upload the rest. First initiation I believed I was too far away so I wanted to make sure I was close enough for you to hear me in case you didn't. 5:03 I was right next to you but you was talking really loud so you didn't hear it (not my fault)
  11. 2:42 " sir stop the vehicle or it will be disabled" 3:42 we tried to get a better initation but @3FingerGaming was just a tad too late so we scrapped it. 5:03 I repeat the initiation at 2:42 but you was talking so loud you couldn't hear me I'm glad you stated what happened after the video cut in your brief summery because it's rather strange you cut the video off there (probably because you wasn't hot micing your coms once in ties but no worries)
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