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  1. 20:00 Update Added Border Wars @Ciaran Every Friday at 8PM a border war will begin, and the redzone will move to be near the current border. Police and Poseidon will battle for the zones, and will gain points while being in the zones. Rebels can get involved for money / to sway the power balance of Altis. During border wars: Banks are not robbable Poseidon gear is 50% off, but cannot be stored in houses during this period. The FOBs do not currently move, but this may be implemented in the futu
  2. Ah, that makes more sense xD And yea, I guess that's a valid point. However that only applies if someone speaks... The RPUKID could be more or less equal to your name if someone knows it. And in some cases it might even be more identifying than your name, since you can change your name to something obscure but your RPUKID stays the same. Obviously my point isn't "Hurr durr everyone will just know everyones RPUKID", that's unlikely for most people. But it's still a possibility and so imo if we can make somehting that uses a completely anonymous approach whilst solving the problem
  3. How would you be able to recognise their name if they have a mask tho?
  4. Whilst I am by far not the expert on these kind of implementations I'm sure something could be done. (And if I'm wrong then we still have the idea of using RPUKID available)
  5. The only "problem" I can see with this is people memorising or knowing certain RPUKIDs after a while, would it not be better to have some kind of temporary ID when masked? Meaning you can easily report them and such, but you can still not identified from it.
  6. Nomad

    Police Qilin

    Giving no input on if I think this should or will get implemented, I want to say this is a brilliant suggestion, wish more of them could be like this! You get a gold star
  7. Didn't give me a reason to hide it 7/10
  8. No need to insult anyone really. And I did just state that from what I can see there is more to it than just QOL, if this had no changes and no implications I would be all for it. But it does. Also I do play the server, albeit not as much as I used to. And even then I've played enough to know how the GPS functions and thus be able to draw conclusions from it. And why would I want to get in the way? I enjoy Altis, why would I want to intentionally ruin it? Hint, I dont. But even then that doesn't mean I won't look at a suggestion from all angles and go deeper than just "It would be nice"
  9. You seem to misunderstand what I mean, yes of course factions also have this. My point is more that if you spawn with a GPS then that completely removes any instances of you forgetting or not having one, which would otherwise be a problem down the line. And like I said, I would even consider removing it from factions (except probably NHS) for that exact reason. But I think saying that this has no balance aspect is wrong and I don't think I'm being ridiculous with the fact that this would remove some aspect of having or not having a GPS and the implications of that.
  10. I agree it is a nuisance, and I of course understand why it would be nice to have. However to me there are some nuisances that are there for a reason, not everything is meant to be easy. Of course this could be argued for faction as well, yes! However in that case I would almost be more for removing it from faction than giving it to civs. Or like you suggest, putting it behind some kind of skill etc. My main "concern" is that it would remove some of the "dangers" of respawning, and some of the problems that can arise if you're sloppy when re-gearing. Now I understand why people want this
  11. In my personal opinion there are some more cons and balance considerations. Bear in mind our server has some additional functionality from the GPS, such as it being the determining factor on whether you show up on your gang members map or not. With this change it would mean that you would almost never be in a situation of not showing on their map outside of being taken hostage, currently it's not that "easy".
  12. Okay. Denied as per request from submitter. Locked and moved.
  13. Meh or not the request is simple, please edit it to follow the format or the suggestion will be denied. You want us to spend time developing this stuff, the least you can do is show an ounce of decency towards us.
  14. Please make sure to follow the format, thank you. (And please actually think of the cons before doing so.) Also, "Other servers have it" is not a reason, we have lots of things they don't, they have lots of thing we don't.
  15. Nomad

    Virtual healing

    Moving to implemented
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