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  1. If any1 has and feels like playing PUBG with someone who just got it, hit me up!

    1. Martino


      write me up brother

  2. RPUK Player Unknown Battlegrounds Tournament

    While I don't personally own PUBG my brother does and it is a lot of fun! Also I know of lots of RPUK members playing. Defintiely +1!
  3. Cops can rob people?

    Honestly, let me give you a tip, all in friendly spirit. Stop. All you've done is dug a hole and right now you'd need to call SpaceX to get out. Instead of making weird accusations on the forums and then arguing with people and staff when the've told you how it is, just deal with it and try and improve your own RP so that you can in turn get better RP back. I say this to be nice, but don't dig the hole deeper...
  4. SI Curley

    Stop being so damn good, it's too much B)
  5. Luckiest driving ever

    Why does this never happen me :(
  6. Headphones!!!!!!!!!!!

    HyperX Cloud series! Insanely comfy and with amazing quality both considering build quality and sound.
  7. A good Headset and mouse?

    The HyperX Cloud series is amazing headsets but they are leaning a bit into the expensive side of things! Otherwise logitechs series are great! I do have the HyperX Cloud I and it is amazing, I do highly recommend it. But I've only ever heard good about logitech and from what I've tried the too are a solid option. Still, if you have the money go HyperX! For mouse you can't go wrong with Logitech but Razer do make some nice although very overexpensive mice.With mice most do fairly well so that isn't as sensetive of an area. Corsair do also make some nice mice but once again we are starting to get in to the a bit more expensive side of things. Like I said tho, most mice are good to go as long as you don't cheap out completely meaning that most big brand like steelseries etc also are good!
  8. New RPUK Milsim intro

    Looks fricking awesome! Great work!
  9. DI Curley

    Ey! It's my man :D Good job. You always have fun RP :)
  10. TikTak

    Tiktak? nah, don't recognise it. Must be some hobo... Good job tho buddy :P

    Atleast I Got 25k as well as Tiger, I'd say it's a win
  12. Staying with ur brothers at UNMC?

    1. PC Nomad

      PC Nomad

      Yep, couldn't leave you to all the fun now could I? 

  13. Rules Feedback

    I don't see how checking your car is metagaming? Powergaming maybe if they don't have a reason but if they do it isn't against any rule.
  14. Website / Forum Development - Feedback

    So, if you answer a poll on a post it dissapears and you have to reload the page to see the results... Minor inconvenience but still.
  15. @CyberDOLT @Sassy @DSGT Fergus @PC Felix (don't know last one, sorry)