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  1. A lovely send off for our Accountant today as he takes a two month vacation.

    See you in September Ryker!




    1. Ryker


      Thanks Norman, hope to see you here if I return. For the time being I wish you the best at Norman & Co.

  2. If you use any clothes shop to fix the glitchy clothes when you log in it will cause your facial hair to go away after you update your clothes.
  3. If you have been handcuffed by the police when you are in the incapacitiated state and you fully bleed out you respawn with the police handcuffs on you. You are unable to do anything.
  4. Everytime I relog, there are two of possible situations. A) My beard is gone (Already made a bug report) or B) My clothes are glitchy. One of these two events (sometimes both) always happens when I log into the server. Also if I try to change my clothes at a clothing store it removes my beard.
  5. Hey George, I am afraid I that I did have the footage but due to the footage being 4 days old I have already deleted it to clear up my drives. (I delete footage when it becomes 3 days old). In that video I was coming directly from the money laundry (not sure if you can see money laundry logs, but if you can you would be able to see the time between me laundering the money and storing it at that ATM and there wouldn't have been any possibilities for roleplay interactions).
  6. Ryker

    Police @ Red Zones

    You seem to forget that while the police do get free gear, on average it is very weak compared to what rebels have. Most Rebels go around with 7.62 or large mag capacity 6.5s. The core of the police use MXs and Spar-16s.
  7. Hey Bowen, sorry for the late response I did not notice the question at the end of the "your report is being reviewed" post. The video was recorded previous to the addition of the keybind to show IDs of people in the vicinity. I was able to establish his ID at the time by giving him an apple. Shortly after the fight, I went to heal myself up and checked on the F5 menu the see which name matched the ID at the time. I am afraid that I do not have a video of this as I stopped recording soon after the incident and even if I had recorded it I delete these type of recordings after 3 days of the
  8. This seems to happen randomly as some times when I join the server I do have my beard, however, on most occasions after a relog I lose my beard. This issues has happened to other people on the server as well.
  9. My personal opinion on the matter is that auto lock has a place on the server, however, I would advise as covered above that the range is very limited and that there is no such thing as 1 hit kill. A gun should, in most scenarios, be able to overpower a melee weapon at any range over half a meter. Especially if the gun is actively being aimed at someone.
  10. Ryker

    Gun Damage

    I like the idea that shotguns should be proficient at disabling vehicles. I am an avid user of the Uzi and I must say that I have had experiences where I had to shoot an entire magazine into someone to kill them, sometimes they do not even die. I believe there needs to be a damage buff to these, especially considering how rare they are now days. However, these are very powerful in vehicles as covered above. A possible solution would be to have a timed delay as if you were on foot to go from unarmed to armed. Additionally, there should be something visable to show you are armed inside the
  11. Your In-game name Ryker Moretti Name of the player(s) you are reporting Tiago Santos Date of the incident 06/24/20 Time of the incident (GMT) 24 What best describes this incident ? Hacker Glitcher Which server did the incident take place on FiveM Please (in detail) describe the incident This man randomly started punching my vehicle so I started defending myself. When I started shooting he would ragdoll himself to exploit that he cannot take damage. However, I had the suspicion he also was hacking with god mode as I shot him so
  12. Giving the ability to police of shutting down areas is very powerful. Considering the fact that many police officers also play criminal characters there is bound to be a conflict further down the line. Shutting down locations for personal benefit, etc. I just think that when the locations should change regardless once a month or something. Then, during that month, if the location has become so known that it is common knowledge in the police then it can be manually moved by Devs, but giving this function to the police could prove to be overpowered. I understand we need to aim for realism, howev
  13. Your In-game name Ryker Moretti Name of the player(s) you are reporting TeeJay Brim, Luke Hrt Date of the incident 06/24/20 Time of the incident (GMT) 16 (Not Sure of the exact time) What best describes this incident ? VDM Which server did the incident take place on FiveM Please (in detail) describe the incident I was minding my own business as I get rammed by a truck for no reason. I approach them in my vehicle asking them what they think they were doing, they tell me "fuck off you little dickhead" and proceed to ram me another
  14. Due to the fact that this community's FiveM server is not whitelisted I believe that the ban times should either be extended to much longer periods or made permanent until appealed all together (maybe not to all rules, but the major ones such as RDM, Poor Roleplay, RVDM, etc.). I have had quite a few bad experiences on the server with people breaking rules and I do try and report as many of them as I can to staff, however, this is not always possible. It is not fair for me to judge the ban system as I know close to nothing of it, however, these are my thoughts.
  15. Your In-game name Ryker Moretti Name of the player(s) you are reporting conner black, joe scott Date of the incident 06/21/20 Time of the incident (GMT) 23 What best describes this incident ? Other Which server did the incident take place on FiveM Please (in detail) describe the incident I was driving around talking with my friends on teamspeak when I start to get shot at randomly. I proceed to deal with this attack and end up killing him. I then repair my car, start driving away, see an NHS Ambulance going towards his dead body
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