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  1. Did you find a fix for the laggy ui ? still have the issue

  2. For any UI handled by the server eg. F1, Phone Inventory or Caps lock menu takes a very long time to open and is very laggy. This also includes notifications and progress bars. It is basically impossible to use. This occurs quite often, but sometimes goes away randomly and everything becomes smooth for a period of time, which I assume is the norm for most. I have tried messing around with graphics settings to no avail. I have been having this issue for a very long time and have tried clearing my cache, as well as reinstalling fivem completely. Also just to make it clear I can still technically use the functionality of the UI without seeing it. For example, if I know where the food is and the use button in my inventory, if I drag the food over the use button it will still make me eat it. This also goes for transferring stuff from another inventory where I can enter a number (won't update the UI) and drag whatever across (won't actually see it dragging), then check my lets say tab weapon wheel and see the weapon and ammo there. Video Examples: (In the first one it was just the inventory not working, just having clicked reset UI in the F1 menu which fixed everything else temporarily)
  3. Is that meant to be the SPG uniform?
  4. When purchasing hair & beauty, if you don't have enough money it says "No enough money" as a notification message, rather than "Not enough money" which I assume you were going for.
  5. I would post one of these too. Though I am too embarrassed of my new 2080Ti following the new 3000 series announcement.
  6. Ace J Hunter - 69669 (I know, I'm clearly a meme)
  7. 60,000 members 🥳

    1. Hammah


      59,900 of them inactive or banned 🤣

  8. All chairs cause the floating bug
  9. After a successful operation, the Specialist Protection Group and the G7S were able to safely and securely transfer money from the Royal Bank of Altis Reserve to the Royal Bank of Stratis. After a shaky start making our way out of Athira we effectively convoyed our way to the bank. We were met with some resistance but due to the great work and specialist tactics of the officers, we were quickly able to deal with any obstacles with those following the convoy. Having set up a proper cordon and perimeter around the Reserve we prevented all access to the area whilst G7S performed the careful work of extracting the money. Though, due to our exfil helicopter's location being compromised we ended up setting up an emergency rendevous (ERV) where we were able to successfully extract the money to Stratis using a huron. It was a lot of fun and we thank everyone involved. Signed,Chief Inspector Ace J HunterChief Of Specialist Protection. (Reccommendations to @Lube & @JoshuaN ) Some pictures: Briefing Convoy Setup Group Picture
  10. What I mean is that when you try to move it isn't always precise (Clunky movement) or when you try to punch the air you punch someone by accident or the example that in Arma you can go prone and use combat stanses and move your charcters arms, whereas that is lacking in GTA. GTA has many more animations, but they aren't necessarily applicable or useable for most scenarios.
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