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  1. Did you find a fix for the laggy ui ? still have the issue

  2. For any UI handled by the server eg. F1, Phone Inventory or Caps lock menu takes a very long time to open and is very laggy. This also includes notifications and progress bars. It is basically impossible to use. This occurs quite often, but sometimes goes away randomly and everything becomes smooth for a period of time, which I assume is the norm for most. I have tried messing around with graphics settings to no avail. I have been having this issue for a very long time and have tried clearing my cache, as well as reinstalling fivem completely. Also just to make it clear I can still technically
  3. Is that meant to be the SPG uniform?
  4. Or maybe we can just continue optimising the server as much as possible to continue to run at 128 or even more players in the future?
  5. When purchasing hair & beauty, if you don't have enough money it says "No enough money" as a notification message, rather than "Not enough money" which I assume you were going for.
  6. Ace J Hunter - 69669 (I know, I'm clearly a meme)
  7. Ace J Hunter


    Maybe not a permanent additional trait, where even if you worked at it you couldn't get to the same level as others. Instead I do see possibly a boost at the start could be cool.
  8. Ace J Hunter


    Would prefer for them to be earned. Similar to GTA online where stamina is gained from running a lot, strength from punching things and driving from driving more, also similar to the new gym system.
  9. Ace J Hunter

    Wood and oil run

    Brief Summary: Add different legal manufacturing processes Detailed Suggestion: Some ideas could be Wood > Furniture > Sold to furniture shop Metal (Iron) > Car Parts > Sold to car dealers Oil > Fuel > Sold to fuel stations Plastic > etc... These processes may also require warehouses and machinery depending on the run (Like for weapons). Similarly building on this suggestion here: Also the ability to buy offices and premises for business operations would continue to further the roleplay. The Pros: Means that there are m
  10. Ace J Hunter


    Alcoholic much
  11. @Wilco - tennis in jail
  12. 60,000 members 🥳

    1. Hammah


      59,900 of them inactive or banned 🤣

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