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  1. im still waiting on your next youtube vid Champ hope that urinal is still in your office 

    1. Unlucky George

      Unlucky George

      Coming soon

  2. Hello Rev Bless me ma father hope your well

  3. helloo Steph  hope you are keeping well been a few years since we've played 

    1. Steph


      Oh my god Timmy! I am good and yourself? It's been quite literally years! Good to hear from you 🙂

  4. just popping in to say that the staff do a cracking Job my PC is to much of a potato to play RP but hopefully in a few months ill have something better! 

  5. Hi Sound Engineer here whats your budget and what are you looking for
  6. just here saying hello and thanks for welcoming to the 7 year Club! 

  7. Im just here Saying Hi. 

  8. Hello Bud! 

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    2. Xkan


      I've been good my man, we need to catch up sometime 🙂

    3. SPC Timmy

      SPC Timmy

      yh WE do you discord or TS

    4. Xkan


      I won't have time tonight but I'll be able to sometime in the near future, I'll hit you up.

  9. Does FiveM work with EPic Games and just wondering will I be able to get on the GTA V server! im coming back to Roleplay 



    1. Nikolai


      as long as you have Gta it shouldn't be a issue, just have steam started up and you should be fine


    2. The Bearish Crusader

      The Bearish Crusader

      @SPC TimmyI have tested it with Fivem and other modded launchers, it does work. Because Rockstar has their own seperate launcher, so it doesnt matter where you own it cuz you will always use the rockstart launcher

  10. I maybe coming back watch this Space Love you my roleplay family and no ive not been drinking just been thinking about you  all 

    Stay Safe 

    Timmy ❤️ 

  11. I miss you 

  12. Just Got back into the Police Just Need to do my FTC to get Started I am gonna try Hard this time. 

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