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  1. Just Got back into the Police Just Need to do my FTC to get Started I am gonna try Hard this time. 

  2. Hey peeps I know im Old School Round here but I am running my First ever 10K this year in July in London for a great charity that has helped me over the years. It has helped me understand my Dyspraxia and in the last few months it has helped me make some great friends so if you can please read my story and donate as much as you can. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/timothy-trivizas
  3. can we bring back the charity Thread please I want to post something in it for the charity I am raising money for.
  4. @Ronald Strauss that is true I saw the whole thing captured on @Vladic Ka Stream.
  5. there is alway an Argument with you two
  6. Happy Birthday Bro hope you have a Great Night❤️

  7. anyone doing British 10K in summer  in London just going to sign up with the Dyspraxia Foundation I have already started training for it 

  8. just want to wish everyone a happy new year I know dont play anymore but PC is broke and UPdates for mac are slow. just letting people that a graduated University with a 3rd in audio Production. Im busy doing Chartiy Work for the Dyspraxia Foundation.  

  9. first Joined back about 2 and half years ago since then the rest is history want to thank the whole Staff team who work long hours looking after the server and the community keep up the good work Lads.
  10. haha where abouts are you and dont forget in WW2 there were people in the hills defending themselfs from invasion either the italians or germans.
  11. look what I posted in my status was wrong and applogize if I offended anyone

  12. we just need to bring back @Unlucky George he can do it live
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