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  1. Beutiful ;) Thank you people for the effort. //Ins Spooner
  2. Spooner

    12 Games!

    Awesome, crossing my fingers ;) Hats of for this, way to kind!
  3. Hello to everyone, this is gonna be a long text so bare with me. I will start of by saying that i do love this community with the bottom of my hearth, have put in at least a good 800-1000 hours into the server and loves the roleplay and the people in it. 2016-03-11 i get banned for the first time because of this situation. Please read the report and also check the video. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot) http://plays.tv/video/56e3561548c20beee4 Now to the problem at hand. INS TikTak has been spared from this situation and alot of people got banned because of it, anger is boiling and how the situation has been dealt with is terrible, and that is from a guy who always tries to resolve problems before going to admins, no option given this time. You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting No I see this is a way bigger issue than being banned, it's how we deal with problems in this community, when did we stop talking/informing each other when faults are being made so we can correct them and get better? I don't think im hasty to say that INS TikTak decides not to RP at all with the mindset to ban people, and get backed up by admins and the only thing he says in the video is this. "Nope its not fair, and im taking the video now and takes it straight to the admins" (on teamspeak only) I go in with the mindset to have a good roleplay with the police but is treated with silence, and banned for having my gun out in greenzone (the crime i really have done). Crumble acted on this report and banned people that were named but half of the people in the scenario still walks free, so does INS TikTak who apparently haven't broken any rules. If you look true the reports you see a lot of single people who have broken rules, many of them correct and has to be dealt with properly. To put in 10 names into one report when we are 30 rebels is basically calling a witch hunt, nothing of this is positive and constructive and dealt with in the correct way. We in the NLA have said and still are stating, if our gang members is breaking the rules we will make sure that they are informed and understand there mistakes to make them fit better into the community. If you have issues with what the gang does or how we act tell us and we will pass along the information to all our members, but unfortunately they choose not to try to correct the mistakes but rather went for a ban approach. Worring facts: I can't report him cause that is apparently seeking revenge, even if i just wanted the other side of the story to be shown. This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans) I am not allowed to talk with Crumble concerning how he deals with issues/ban's cause then i get warned to be banned. Because of all this, people have started loosing faith for the community and how it is maintained and how we behave towards each other. If anyone would have contacted me that we need to spread this information or inform the clans, then i as a NLA Mentor would more than happy help out. No one talked to me, no one responded when i tried to talk with them, and that i think is sad. The ones who listened to me couldn't do anything for me. So i just think it like this... Both parties did wrongs here, yes i walk into greenzone with my gun out, would i have followed orders if he would have told me to leave or i will be tazed in 5 seconds, yes.. Did he go into greenzone to try to avoid RP and decide to not to RP at all, shoot hes tazer without initiation, to then not try to resolve the situation, banning half who was involved, going in with the mindset to ban people, being backed up by admins without even trying to resolve/improve and walk out free on the other side, i say no... So i would like to open this as discussion how we deal with issues, am i alone here or did i just get hanged without a trail? Best regards [N.L.A] Spooner @Crumble@TikTak
  4. If you wanna add on the note you find me in the NLA channels when im online. Talked to ICE and all good in general and the situation is sorted out i guess. Sorry for not being online for some time... Alto of freaking work!
  5. I have tryed to talk with this guy several times, its impossible to get him to see hes end of the problem. I roleplay as much as i can and you guys know that. The only thing i wanted was a roleplay time with Eagle inside the car but the only thing he did was typing everything outside roleplay saying he was gonan leave like a threath so he wouldnt be put into jail. He shot at me for 15 minutes inside Agios because he thought i had 1 000 000 on me. He got busted by the polcie for shooting and i took him to Kavala. I know people hate bountyhunters... Apperently you metagame the bountyhunter whatever you do. We talked with the mentors and cleared all this out, but apprently he put me up for a ban anyway just because i sent him to jail. I know i didnt stop every 15 meters to answere hes out of roleplay messages and i could do that next time, but many people know i want the roleplay and nothing more. I feel sorry if you got angry but this, everyone do when i send them to jail even if i do it correct... 9/10 they are gonna find me after and metagame and kill me, it have happended many times before. I will soon be out of bountyhunting cause this work is the worst you can have.
  6. N.L.A Spooner here! Funny that you put it up man, thanks ;D I will do solo performace there more often... damn expensive with 50 marmite i tell ya! Cya in the field brotha!
  7. Name of the person you are reporting (in-game name):T.Colonel GaddafiTime & Date this happened:2015-08-26 16:30Which Server did this happen on:Server 1Description of what happened:I died when my truck blew upWhat Rule Was Broken ?:Body glitchingHave you tried to resolve with the player before posting?:No he Logged off directly after glitching me.I lost an MX black 6.5mm with bipods and silener and ghuillesuit that was in the bag around 400 000 in gear.Please post video evidence/screenshots here(This is almost a must! without this you have no solid evidence, If your report is about RDM then it must be a video leading upto the RDM and after)
  8. We had a streetrace from Airport to kavala and at the start police wanted to close down this insane race but we flirted with them abit and they joined in on the race. Thanks for all the fun and sorry for crashing but people drive insane and its hard to stay with you guys Congratulations [iNS] Laurens who was the winner!
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