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  1. Date / Time: 15/01/2020 Release: THERE IS A DEADLINE xD New / Notable Features Key chain app on the phone where you can drop and give keys @Hawaii Skills app on the phone, with your current skill levels @Hawaii A more proper progression system for ranger/mechanic jobs + script support for futures jobs/other progressions @Recon Nine Backend support for patrol logging of other factions/and whitelisted groups (this will be coming to groups/factions within the next couple of updates) @Recon Nine New helmet models for NCA, Police & NHS HART (With ear pr
  2. Date / Time: 12/01/2020 Release: All Gravy Baby New / Notable Features Swap to Native Audio (supports occlusion and reverb) @Dan B Radio Effects @Dan B Drive + Eat at the same time @Archie Airfield no fly zone @Archie General Fixes / Changes Fixed police dog call / stay @Dan B Fixed reviewing warrants @Archie Changes to house raid alerts @Archie Housing improvements @Hawaii@Stealthee@Ciaran@Recon Nine Major memory problem fixes @Stealthee @Recon Nine@Ciaran Fixed a mechanic notification typo @Hawaii Fixed hou
  3. Dan B

    Whisper Distance

    @adacowe have some changes coming to VOIP and audio and so this will most likely change your bug report. Please wait until the new audio / voip system is released and then feedback!
  4. Please come give an opinion

  5. @Rekkemmoas @Normanhas stated there is a bindable key available for when you need to get someone’s ID in the event of a rule break being committed. Did you know this existed or are you still wanting a permanent ID display? If you are then I’m sure as illustrated by the votes this isn’t something the dev team or community is willing to consider at the moment.
  6. @fuzzletoff once it has been cracked you need to wait the timer until you can collect the money from the vault. Have you done that before?
  7. Happy late birthday pal!

    1. Robbie


      It's his birthday now it's hardly late @Dan B😂

    2. Dan B

      Dan B

      Oops I must have read it wrong haha @Robbie

  8. Happy 40th mate!

  9. Moving to rejected due to a bug report already existing as requested by @DCC Greenhalgh 8181
  10. Please keep responses relevant to the report. This report will be looked into shortly. Two similar bug reports merged.
  11. This issue has already been raised to us and we are looking into getting this sorted along with a few other things. The issue is solely down to your client failing to load the contents of your property. As a temporary measure so you can get inside attempt removing all furniture once you are inside.
  12. @Jack Wiltshirein sure I can get one of my employees to be in touch with you about a sponsorship - Wilf Williams (Owner of Beekers)
  13. Archie Eton makes a return! Police patrol https://twitch.tv/dan_bb

  14. I think it’s fairly clear here from the votes that the community doesn’t want this suggestion implemented and as a result it will be rejected. Thanks for taking your time to make a suggestion!
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