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  1. Happy birthday mate!

  2. Happy Birthday Five M Developer Dan Barretto

  3. Happy Birthday my dude! 

    1. Dan B

      Dan B

      Thanks mate!

  4. Dan B

    Tour De Santos

    Tour De Santos We are proud to announce the first ever RPUK Tour De Santos! The event will be taking place this Sunday the 21st with a prebuild starting at 4PM after the restart. It is going to be a scenic route around the Vinewood hills which is predicted to take roughly 20/30 minutes to complete. A map of the route is attached below. There is 3 teams which you will be able to select between, receiving a bicycle in that colour. Each team will be supported by specialist teams driving up the rear in support vehicles (see image below) who will be on hand with spare team bicycles and basic medical equipment. Furthermore, there will be a safety cars leading the pack ensuring safety of the cyclists is kept of the upmost importance. More details will be added to this post shortly however we look forward to welcoming you to this event, the first of its kind! All groups are welcome to attend!
  5. @Rykerfrom the issue you are describing, it is something which should improve over time with optimisations etc. We are working on these as a matter of urgency and hope to keep making improvements. I will leave this open please do report back if it is still an issue down the line.
  6. @Deltaplease can you confirm the above.
  7. @Gurlaninare you referring here to the Keybinds in the pause menu under the sub category of FiveM Keybinds?
  8. Should now be fixed as of the latest patch. Thanks for taking your time to report this.
  9. Date / Time: 08/02/2021 23:15 Release: Small Patch New Features: Added tutorial NPC' @Alfred Wilson @Norman @Archie General Fixes / Changes: Fixed duplicate trains on spawn @Dan B Fixed faction fund @Dan B Backend optimisation @Recon Nine @Ciaran Anticheat improvement @Antollyme Fixed issues with incorrect ban messages @Stealthee Final Notes: This wasn't an intended update however due to some windows updates we thought it was worthwhile pushing some small patches.
  10. Date / Time: 26/01/2020 Release: Fix, Patch, Hotfix General Fixes / Changes Interaction sound not playing has been fixed (such as vehicle locking) @Dan B@Hawaii Me command fixed @Dan B Female characters fixerd @Dan B @Stealthee Voice distance fixes @Dan B Mechanic job formatting @Dan B Temporary disable of ELS (see below) @Dan B Fixed interaction for drug sales @Stealthee Final Update Notes Thanks for putting up with the recent bugs raised however we hope that you have noticed the performance improvements and hopefully the server lasting longer than it was, even if it means staying up to 4am patching things! ELS has been disabled whilst we await several fixes for the script which shouldn't take long. - GTA RP Development Team
  11. @JaffaBenitezwe are working on patching these issues and there are several changes which will be in the hotfix that may change this bug report. I ask that for the moment you wait until these fixes are released and then update us on the situation. Can you also confirm for me that housing is the main area of concern for this?
  12. @Kai Barryso I can look into this for you would you mind clarifying a few things here. When you say the connection resets instantly what do you mean by that? Was it just once you were able to connect to the server?
  13. I will quote what is on the most recent change log for both of you @oliver172@Sean Pierre TLDR: We are investigating these problems as a matter of urgency and are constantly making changes to get the server back to the state it was in! I would advise that you keep your eyes on the changelog so you can see the changes we are making
  14. @bradley0987can you confirm this is still an issue please?
  15. Due to no response from anyone this will be moved to rejected. Not believed to be an issue anymore and if it is please post a new report!
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