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  1. Yeah that is true, I do admit I hate when things dont go my way but I think ive now learnt I just need to accept it at the end of the day not worth coming to the unban section again over. A suppresor on a gun can be replaced but missing out on things like border wars and operations made me realise I should just follow the rules and as ive said previously just submit a comp request.
  2. I did, I went into support channel straight afterwards and admitted to doing it. the staff members present were Jefke, James Travers and Ram. I knew what I did was wrong and that is why instead of hiding it and being Malicious about it I owned up to it in support.
  3. Unban Appeal for Brandon Pigeon In-game Name: Brandon Pigeon Server: Altis Life Steam ID: 76561198147172272 The date you got banned: 02/28/21 Member of the team that banned you: James Travers Reason given for your ban: Combat Logging In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was in a gunfight at a gang base south of the map with 10 minutes left to restart, when walking around the DMT I ran into someone I was left floating outside the DMT. Not wanting to lose my gear I ALT F4d the game and didn't log back in. Why should we unban yo
  4. Yeah not my fault the server lags and causes you to die, I didnt want to come liason because im not spending my evening talking to you in a liason I wanted to play Border Wars, and I knew It wasnt my fault I told you that in the short liason we had.
  5. Not VDM its clear Desync, My intention was to pull infront you can even see the police car floating made no contact with you vehicle and it blows up? no intention at all to VDM you its just server Desync...
  6. Be good to see you playing as reserves from time to time Thanks for good times in cops
  7. Former Pleb Mansion now for sale as the owners has passed away... Start price: 15 mill Bid increments of 1mill
  8. One day.....u would look so good with that nippel  😉

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