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  1. Yeah not my fault the server lags and causes you to die, I didnt want to come liason because im not spending my evening talking to you in a liason I wanted to play Border Wars, and I knew It wasnt my fault I told you that in the short liason we had.
  2. Not VDM its clear Desync, My intention was to pull infront you can even see the police car floating made no contact with you vehicle and it blows up? no intention at all to VDM you its just server Desync...
  3. Be good to see you playing as reserves from time to time Thanks for good times in cops
  4. Former Pleb Mansion now for sale as the owners has passed away... Start price: 15 mill Bid increments of 1mill
  5. One day.....u would look so good with that nippel  😉

  6. @TadeuszIve already told you I combat logged due to how shit the situation was, You can see my gear was taken. Im not sitting in someone blackfish for the next hour when ive been taken by them means no roleplay what so ever so I just logged off. What? you can see from the footage I was killed from being rammed why does me driving from AR fob have any relevance to what im reporting Akula for, the footage is unedited throughout. As for my gear being taken here is a video of that no rp at all.
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