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  1. Thanks Tampy <3 and congratulations to everyone who made it!
  2. I'm more than willing to help mentor you buddy. Hop on teamspeak and I'll see what I can do to help you out :)
  3. Had a great encounter with @Reece Smurf which eventually led to me getting taken hostage in one of the funniest ways imaginable. I've seen alot of shit throughout my time in the police but never have I had someone rob my ridealong, steal his clothes and come back to me and start imitating his voice to convince me he's the ridealong just to take me hostage later and then let me go. Unfortunately didn't catch it on video but was some of the best roleplay i've experienced in a long time, massive recommendation for this guy.
  4. I wouldn't worry about it too much buddy, everybody makes mistakes, aslong as you know what you did wrong and prevent it from happening again you should be fine.
  5. 71
  6. You Lucky Bastard...
  7. Could I take that AMS off of you for 150k?
  8. (2.9) Trading - Roleplay UK does not condone any sort of real life to ingame trading or vice versa. This is due to the fact that we do not want to be looking like a commercial entity, or any of our members for that case. You are free to donate on behalf of a member as an act of kindness, but not in return for an item. Bad Example: “Whoever wants donator send me 2 million in cash.” Exception: “I am having a cross Altis race, winner will receive a free donator package for one month!” (Please authorise with a staff member if you wish to do this, or we may see it as a breach of this rule (2.9).). Hope this clears it up.
  9. I heavily approve of the Halo soundtrack :D
  10. Woah wasn't expecting this at all, Thanks Cal means alot to me <3
  11. 600k
  12. I like your enthusiasm, even though you most likely won't be able to change alot as mayor you still have my vote!
  13. Considering getting into it, since I used to play a TON of Arma 2 DayZ (Origins mod specifically) tried Exile but it never really appealed to me, what are the differences between that and Breaking Point?
  14. Regardless you might want to lower to price. people wont buy it if it costs more than in the shops. the point of auctions is usually to buy things cheaper than it would be to aquire from say the rebel outpost/blackmarket