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  1. I seemingly lost a lot of followers after the forum update from a couple of weeks ago, has this happened to anyone else as well?

    1. Kayn
    2. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      I have lost a few, but I’m pretty sure that’s because they don’t like me 😝

    3. DCC LastNickLeft

      DCC LastNickLeft

      We just don't like you @XkanGo away



      ❤️ miss you

  2. Xkan

    About time, Congrats Aiden!

    1. Aiden


      Bad news travels fast I see

  3. @Ji Mitch Whilst Socrates made valid points and perhaps voting results in America/The UK could be considered to even further solidify his point but I still think it's worth noting that the system he suggested would be near impossible to implement. When you put boundaries on who can vote the system often gets corrupted, when and how does it get decided if you're "Smart and educated enough to vote" Could those in power alter the system and the qualifications for who's deemed suitable to vote to fit their own standard? I honestly think the system's downsides far outweigh it's rewards. I t
  4. Firstly, Hitler never said that. I'd seriously encourage you to stop believing any quote you see on the internet. Secondly, the idea that all money you earn espicially if you're ultra rich like the ones Corbyn wants to tax is all "Fairly earned" is just naivity at it's finest. Jeff Bezos earns in around 10 mins what his average employee would earn 60 years of working full time, He earns around as much in 10 seconds as his average employee earns a year. If you think that's justifiable and fair by any stretch of the imagination then you're simply out of touch with reality. Taxing the
  5. "Wants to give second chances to mass terrorist murderers" When has he ever said this? Also the logic you're applying to when something good is done by labour "It was supported by both parties but labour were just in power at the time" but if it's something negative that BOTH the parties supported it's "Labour made this terrible decision" I don't want to personally call you out but it does come off as very hypocritical. Ah yes, reknown truth tellers Donald Trump and Boris Johnson lmao. Trump when asked if the NHS was on the table for a trade deal said "Everything is on the tabl
  6. Public debt throughout the last labour goverment remained stagnant and went down during a couple of years up untill the financial crisis. feel free to look it up. The problem with saying that labours finacial policies screwed the country a whole DECADE later is that it's entirely baseless, show me any evidence to support your claim.
  7. Aha so in other words you lied and you hadn't done any research. Can't say I'm surprised tbh. If you were even remotely well informed on the topic you'd probably know that national debt levels under labour were fine and were actually going down slightly.
  8. How was labour responsible for the 2008 global financial crisis? Also "Lets not second guess ourselves when we voted for something no one had any clue about and were blatantly lied too in order to get us to vote for it"
  9. @Brandon Pigeon I feel like conservatives always seem to forget that they're the ones that have been in power for the past decade but yet the country is far worse off now than it was 10 years ago. If you'd actually done your research I'd find it hard to believe that you honestly think Labour were solely responsible for the 2008 GLOBAL financial crisis. Under the previous labour goverment the debt levels were actually stagnant and the economy was doing well up untill the global financial crisis. Yet here we are, a decade later where Tories are still blaming labour for the poor state of the co
  10. Anyone down to play some Halo Reach?

  11. I think the issue is that he used all his starting money on licences he'd have no use for but I could be wrong.
  12. PM me and I'll send a mil your way.
  13. RDR2 please The community is what's kept me here over the past couple of years
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