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Chris Michaels

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  1. The laugh😂😂😂😂
  2. It was actually a hostage situation I enjoyed suprisingly! Its good to change up the situation once in a while rather than the usual situation which occur. (-:
  3. hobo
  4. Shhh @Charlie Pollin
  5. New small house great for storing drugs less than 50m away from drug dealer. Starting Bid:450 Bid Ends:Friday 28 Buy Now 700k (-;
  6. Hello everyone. I have a big Kavala house for sale. I'ts located right outside the greenzone and opposite the garage. It is 200m from the drug dealer and is a good place to store drugs and gear. I believe it can hold up to 4 crates and is very close to the hospital. It has a small garden outside that can be use to store vehicles or have fun in. It is a very safe and secure area and I have never encountered any issues there. -House to buy is 2 million -Bid starts at 1.5 million
  7. 72
  8. What do you propose the UNMC can do to make good use of the carrier? I believe the police could make good use of it. Possibly converting it into the new NPAS base or the MPO base. (well thats if marine police thing is still around) Rebels could make good use of the carrier aswell. I believe it could be used as a base possibly? There are many possibilities
  9. Would it be an option to have multiple aircraft carriers across the map? Police carrier UNMC carrier Rebel carrier Just a suggestion but personally I don't want the UNMC only getting this carrier dipite the fact they are a military faction...
  10. Hasn't happened to me maybe the server or could be your broadband?
  11. Yes sorry for the delay been busy with irl stuff. Ill post as soon as I get home
  12. Yes I do and tomorrow I will post it.