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  1. god damn you still alive?
  2. Ive met so many across the years of playing here. Truly has been a wild ride.
  3. Fuck me i cant even bid before 38483020 nrew ones come
  4. Go into Overview (top one on the left) then click "Configure" on the Steam integration option and Sign out should be on the top left
  5. You must get into your other account and remove the integration from there. Other than that there is no way (ig management can maybe remove it for you aswell?)
  6. Kyano

    No forum roles.

    I have already linked both Steam and Discord to my forum account, even re-did it to make sure that its not on my end. However it has failed to give me forum Police and NHS tags. Waiting has given me no result and noone seems to know whats happening.
  7. There is not. However people who have dc'd get priority to get back in. Also I believe whitelisted factions get priority slots when "deemed nessecary"
  8. #notmydraw

    1. The Bearish Crusader
    2. MrLongSlong


      apparently its not our border wars its a "faction event"

  9. Join the Discord #help channel or open a ticket in discord and they will help you.
  10. When we had s2, it was never really utilized.. Police and NHS pretty much never went on it and it would already strech the strained NHS even more. Id say lower the server cap back to 120.
  11. I didnt really speak with you that much but from what I did, you were always happy and brightened up my day.. I hope everything goes great! You are a big fucking inspiration man!
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