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  1. When we had s2, it was never really utilized.. Police and NHS pretty much never went on it and it would already strech the strained NHS even more. Id say lower the server cap back to 120.
  2. I didnt really speak with you that much but from what I did, you were always happy and brightened up my day.. I hope everything goes great! You are a big fucking inspiration man!
  3. The NHS equivalent of NPAS is AR (Air Rescue) and It isnt that hard to pass the test. However the Police NPAS test is a bit harder than the AR test.
  4. -1 We already have a very dedicated staff that can do their jobs. In my eyes we do not need anything to support them. In addition as Tuna said this is really just btec member support but with less powers so in essence you really dont need them.
  5. Some are, some arent. Really comes down to who you meet.
  6. -1 tbh most cops dont care if you have the gun. Just put it in your vest/backpack.
  7. +1 #MakeTheMoonBrightAgain
  8. Since I already live in the region, personally id love to see how it would work out for RPUK. And I dont really belive that the size issue is that big of a consern since we only really utilize about 1/2 of Altis. What I belive is the biggest stopping point would be the hours put into developing the map into a decent RP-able map. In addition is DLC so that will already decrease the numbers. But I do think that It would be a unique oppurtunity for RPUK to progress into taking the faliure of Tanoa into account (Atleast for a little while)
  9. You shouldnt take them away. As Gurlanin has said, you cannot please everyone. I understand, underwater rubbers can and are annoying. I will not object that, but you have to consider that we, the police must have an alternative way of lethal action to disable a criminal. Right now I belive it is balanced and should not be changed.
  10. No, the police will still ask you to leave. However there will be less chance of you getting accidentaly targeted.
  11. You can use it to buy AAN news vehicle, the Journalist clothing, press vest and helmet. It does not give any benefits (monetary gain wise) althourgh you can get into pretty interesting RP situations.
  12. You have 4(?) bases in your own lands, you do not need more than that.. especially in our lands.
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