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  1. Dab emoji for when you'll need it for that ultra shitpost
  2. Remove antispam in vehicle's trunk.

    + about 5milliontrilliongazilion
  3. When you "abuse" your tags.

    I cant believe you've done this
  4. Silly chat log of the day...

    Thats one of the reason I love new players they do unexpected things
  5. National Bank of Altis

    leave lenin out of this he's been dead for over a century
  6. Pope is coming to Altis!

    I want to kiss his disease riddled ring
  7. New police interceptor

    Thats a police car once it leaves kavala
  8. New police interceptor

    to protect and serve the playground
  9. Goodbye Altis POLICE!

    He didn't do his job right as a spy, he blew his cover, be a professional spy like me. O shit I blew my cover back to russia it is
  10. Goodbye Altis POLICE!

    See you in HMP
  11. Strider is pretty in water at night

    They're just pretty because they are a myth >:)
  12. Strider is pretty in water at night

    Just like ifrits ;)
  13. Strider is pretty in water at night

    The prettiests striders are the scrapped striders.
  14. Girls on the island

    Shit say hello to new hobo not knowing what button "hands up" is
  15. Girls on the island

    In this community we should all be equal whomever you are, that some people can't obey with that thought, the most likely won't belong here unless they change their POV.