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  1. Sadly it's a ARMA 3 CREATOR DLC and the content that comes with it is not available in the base game.
  2. Was really nice to see so many people on last night opening loot crates, checking out new locations and driving around with flags. Here are some screenshots from last night and today.

    Hobos trying to sell their drugs


    @Javiermildly upset over late Type-115 delivery

    @DexyKingtrying to retrieve gold bars from a shipwreck

    @Simon Rosstrying to intercept police dispatches with our new "intercept dispatches" feature


    @Punkshowing off his new KLR uniform

    @KLR-Greyenjoying her new pink ghillie



    Police and Poseidon meeting together for a "Holy MRAP trinity" photoshoot, 



    Very angry farmer

  3. 00:00 Restart Added New radio interceptor upgrade for Offroad Comms @sciencefreak74 Park up next to Spec Ops or Poseidon base and stay in the drivers seat to intercept Police and Poseidon dispatches. Added flag upgrade for most vehicles @sciencefreak74 Windows key on vehicles you own with the upgrade to access flag menu New Lootbox system @sciencefreak74 Lootbox UI overhauled to look a lot better Following Lootboxes added: Lucky Box - Some basic essentials (Available at most Markets)
  4. Sadly the person submitting this no longer has the .sqm file, but something similar will be implemented based on this submissions. Accepted
  5. kemLdGd.jpg

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    2. Punk


      Wow we wait for ages for the KLR uniforms xD

    3. Simen


      Reminds me of pubg

    4. 3FingerGaming


      @sciencefreak74 if thats what it takes send me the paypal link ❤️ 

  6. My new Tarkov video is out 🎉


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    2. Eyar Armstrong

      Eyar Armstrong

      Great video mate

    3. Lube


      At least your clips are better than mine....


    4. B0sh


      I shit myself first time i played Tarkov

  7. Hey @Antollyme, can you please email the mission .sqm to: email@roleplay.co.uk Thank you.
  8. Hey @Alfred Wilsonif you've not done so yet can you please email the mission .sqm to: email@roleplay.co.uk Thank you.
  9. After weeks of negotiations I'm proud to publicly announce three new additions to the Altis Police Service armoury.

    • Specialist Protection Group will now carry RPK (7.62mm) on standard patrols.
    • Armed Response members (Trainer and above) can now use M320 LRR
    • National Crime Agency now has access to MAAWS Mk.4 Anti-Personnel Weapon System



    *Happy April Fools day

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    2. Raptor


      Would have to push an actual content update for that to happen @DCC LastNickLeft @sciencefreak74 so there was no danger here 😉

    3. 3FingerGaming


      Nah the tanks not "Balanced" enough 😉 

    4. GREENY


      doesnt matter what you get we at Poseidon will take it from you haha

  10. Hi, thank you for taking your time reporting this. We are aware of this and it is not a bug. I'll be moving this to rejected.
  11. Come and say Hi on stream. Playing No Man's Sky with @Cocoand @YoCo

  12. Congrats! @Gray❤️

    1. Gray


      Absolute mad lad thanks! 

  13. Operation Dolos 04/03/2041 - 08/03/2041 Introduction Over the last few months we’ve seen a worrying increase in the amount of weapons and illegal substances being smuggled across the “so-called” border together with an increased amount of homicides and drug related offences linked to their business. We’ve lost many good officers and have long been patient and lenient with this illicit organisation and its members but this needs to change. Nowadays Poseidon doesn’t act like a drug cartel, but as a militia and henceforth they shall be treated as such. Poseidon Cartel: Repr
  14. Amazing to see  ❤️
    69a1b3d699bda54320663b886e0dca68.pngHappy Season 5 GIF by Friends

    1. Punk



    2. Nikolai


      it's nice to see both servers being active again ❤️

    3. GREENY


      runs sorted everyone happy well done devs 

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