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  1. Just came out out of hiding to see if someone did actually post Shepherd looking character with balls, cock and and a stream of cum on the forums. Now I'm satisfied, see you in a few months again.
  2. Throwback Monday



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    2. LastNickLeft


      You don’t even play the game anymore you freak.

    3. Romly


      I love breadsticks.


    4. Jayray Holder

      Jayray Holder

      Huh, Nice Video, needs more Ratting 


  4. Here is my "Goodbye Altis Life ❤️" video I made from a few clips and Gyazo's a few months ago..

    Guess now is the right time..


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    2. Slawek


      Ngl, kinda made me miss the good old times.

    3. B0sh


      In abit Nick, No more shit heli times 😕

    4. CSI Wolfy

      CSI Wolfy

      Rocket man 🥲

      You're evil

  5. Just browsed through your channel, and look what I found


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    2. Robbie


      I'd even say @Bowenis better at driving. Now that is some miracle 

    3. Bowen


      Just ask @GremlinI'm a beast of a driver!

    4. LastNickLeft
  6. The Dragon Skin vehicles and skins were not implemented due the camouflage pattern being owned and copyrighted by MAHARISHI. Don’t let that discourage you from submitting new vehicle skins suggestions that stand out, just like Roo did. I really like the yellow one and the red one. Thumbs up!
  7. Good evening, 

    due to a recent spike in aircraft usage amongst drug traffickers on Malden we would like to introduce you to the latest piece of tech in the Malden Police Arsenal. Meet Jeff (Official name T1s -1s/F4K3). This will soon replace the hated darter.


    Jeff is an autonomous drone that doesn't require an operator and can patrol the island of Malden with no officers present. 

    Notable capabilities

    • Auto Lock
    • Foldable Wings
    • No Pilot Required
    • Automatic lock on and drug scanner
    • Ability to take down vehicles containing drugs using its on board rockets
    • Set of two GBU 12 aerial laser-guided bombs capable of destroying any drug field or processor.

    See you on Malden!

    Kind Regards,

    DCC LastNickLeft


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    2. Roo Hyuga

      Roo Hyuga


      Due to low budget we won't be able to order a replacement drone.

      Want me to pop to Argos and buy you a replacement drone?

    3. GREENY


      i bet you JEFF is a better pilot than you @DCC LastNickLeft

    4. M


      I think JEFF is having an identity crisis! He's got Altis Police written on his side!

  8. New update for Malden is out in a few minutes

    There is a hidden sign with a QR code somewhere on the map 👀 First person to scan it gets to redeem whatever it is.

    Also, you definitely shouldn't go buy a parachute and try the new ramp near Rebel Stronghold




  9. 16:00 Restart Added Poop/ fertiliser job @sciencefreak74@Jaffa@Mads Frost Get pickup job from delivery hub, and take to fertiliser factory Added ability to fertilise certain run fields @sciencefreak74 Apples and Peaches can be fertilised by anyone and will produce "Luxury" version of the fruit Weed and Cocaine can only be fertilised by Poseidon and produce the high grade variants Each "fertiliser" will keep a field fertilised for 1 minute with a max of 15 minutes being able to be put on at one time Ability to double click phone messages to create an Arma 3 mission task to the sender location @Mads Frost @sciencefreak74 Naturally doesn't work if the sender has hidden their location Double click the same message to remove the task marker again Ability for Police to place down certain "roleplay" objects for checkpoints and other road safety related situations @sciencefreak74 Road cones, various forms of road barriers and bar gates MAN (AAN) news compound @DCC LastNickLeft Ability to change the background in the news sets to your liking Incorporates an improved M.I.L.F.S (Malden International Licensed Film Studio) Texture for the dangerous bridge signs @DCC LastNickLeft Skydiving @DCC LastNickLeft New custom texture based off Malden flag @DCC LastNickLeft Hidden sign with a QR code on the map, scan the sign to claim a reward @DCC LastNickLeft Water and food dispensers added to public places @DCC LastNickLeft More ATMs on west coast @DCC LastNickLeft Go Kart rental near a hill that seems fun to drive down in a Go Kart @DCC LastNickLeft Some more fuel pumps near police stations @DCC LastNickLeft Added ramp to the west coast cliff area (be careful) @DCC LastNickLeft Modified Multiple textures with "Altis" on them switched to "Malden" @DCC LastNickLeft Cocaine field moved @Mystix @DCC LastNickLeft Various player/ business compounds improved @Mystix @DCC LastNickLeft Message on not having enough money for a flag @Jaffa Made option to process something "default" when approaching a sign used to process @Jaffa Prestige location changed @DCC LastNickLeft Firearm store now "Nick's" firearm store @DCC LastNickLeft(Very cheeky I know) Larche impound lot @DCC LastNickLeft Location of HMP Malden @DCC LastNickLeft Fixed Police could see Poseidon Weed Processor if moved @sciencefreak74 Medic offroad covered missing lights @Jaffa Drug perk wasn't applying for cocaine @sciencefreak74 Broken ATM in chapoi @Mystix Certain house types not being buyable @sciencefreak74 ARAC couldn't impound at impound lot @sciencefreak74 Lottery UI displayed £25,000 for a ticket @Mads Frost Gang HQ and Uranium Pro signs not working @Mystix@DCC LastNickLeft Various other map fixes @Mystix@DCC LastNickLeft
  10. Last evening on Altis 








    1. Scorpex


      First minutes on Malden

      download (8).jpg

    2. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      *Simon Ross* speaking


    3. Sau


      that was a cute medic who was wearin that hard hat!

  11. fjcanJ2.png

    Are you ready?

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