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  1. Not everyone is a no life that can make the way around their city with their eyes closed
  2. Of course youre not. This would have been easier if you actually talked to us and try to resolve this. There is no rule break here
  3. Thanks for contacting me to resolve the situation... - We did value life, we didnt run or anything we just refused to put our hands up cos the situaiton was illegal. Refusing that and still complying to a degree isnt 'not valuing your life'
  4. Surley this is the most obvious one out there, when you started out on the server. I am sure you remember running around searching for one of those unlocked cars because only some are unlocked. By having 100% of the cars be locked until you spend £650 (I think it is) on a lockpick that might break, creates a bit of a shit situation for a new player. Who the fuck wants to run everywhere. To me, this seems like the most logical solution
  5. Yello

    Colour Blind Setting(s)

    This is the perfect excuse to RDM in a green zone
  6. Yello


    nvm, 1 tap machines
  7. Yello

    New server for RPUK to host

    Gmod Harry Potter RP
  8. Nice Banner bro

    1. Yello


      oh wait you cant reply 

  9. When processing some coal, I was able to process it, but I didnt get the coal coke- it would just finish and all I would get is the EXP. Logged off cos I didnt want to be accused of exploting, though no one could tell what was going on. No red text in F8 menu
  10. Gray

    Lovely background picture @Yellox @Norman

    1. Yello


      We are the better couple

  11. Yello

    Bring back headshots

    Brief Summary: Bring back headshots Detailed Suggestion: I understand, to a degree - why they were removed from the server... Though it seems to completley take the fun out of gunplay when it does happen, as well as the fact it makes no sense that someone can be shot 5 times with a deagle in the head and walk it off. Gunfights shouldn't ever be something we are always going for, or things that happen often, though when they do happen, encouraging skill and good aim should be a thing - headshots are enjoyable to get. The Pros: More enjoyable firefights fights More real
  12. A while ago I was asked by devs and management to research what people wanted most, I did that with some help from the boys... https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E9ELeT41GkjGrvqj2wmvkqWSioDParkgay5WQyKksUI/edit
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