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  1. Same with my Volvo V90, Ben Baptistie's garage - HDRC 811
  2. +1 It would improve QOL for everyone overall, and if you don’t like them, you don’t have to use them! You can just use the normal NVG’s. Other servers have done it so it’s not exactly impossible. As you said it’s around 2035 so full screen NVG isn’t exactly unrealistic.
  3. Got a new profile pic for you

    Fireman Sam Blank Template - Imgflip

  4. How long are people waiting for their Valorant key?

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    2. MrLongSlong


      Honestly zac I’m surprised you figured out how to get on twitch, it was only last week we taught you how to skype ur grand kids , congrats boomer 

    3. Zacmo


      Twitch wasn’t the hard part, linking my riot acc on the other hand... trying to remember my pw was on another level 

    4. Kai Barry

      Kai Barry

      4 Days took me

  5. Wasn’t there a feature on teamspeak to whisper to your target channel and the channel you were in automatically?

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    2. Zacmo


      I’ve tried googling it lad, trust me

    3. MrLongSlong


      ok Granddad, cmon its half 10 get back to bed you've got to be up early theres a double bill  of cash in the attic on tomorrow morning 

    4. Banjo Jo

      Banjo Jo

      Teamspeak wise, it needs to be manually assigned.

  6. I strap a dash cam to my head I use shadow play though
  7. Mate listen yeah word of warning stop following people u get a slap wrist.

  8. still banned lul

  9. +1 or a forum tag. I had to wait 90 seconds to post this
  10. Zacmo

    The Redzone

    I think that it should be how it used to be, the whole area as a red zone, it reduces confusion.
  11. Zacmo

    Forum Banner

    Nice, they look good
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