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  1. 2 Lrps

    I apologize but i wanted my money by myself but it came up to something like this. I am sorry!
  2. 2 Lrps

    Sadly i will have to close this topic as my house got robbed. I apologize to everybody.
  3. 2 Lrps

    Tommorow at 2 p.m. the bet will close and the person with the hightest value of money will win it. Thanks to everybody who is a part of this!
  4. 2 Lrps

    I have two LRPS scopes that i would like to sell. Bet starts from 150k Each
  5. Storm to CST NHS

    Because of Storm and other MTO's i wen't from Student to Paramedic in 2 weeks. It was fun to patrol arround only with MTO's. Storm makes notices for the whole patrol, which i like. I would like to thank you for training me! Thanks Storm!
  6. Staff Team - Announcements

    Spooner congratz. Its nice to see that you are a Staff member now!