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  1. Remember that? Im sure @Mad Yokedoesnt want to
  2. Warra warra, WARRA WARRA


    Have a good one lads

    1. Scorpex


      Bro that vid been 2 years and u still shouting warra warra 😂😂

  3. Honestly, it a bit sad... Some special people to mention though... @Enzrah was the one to bring me into the game really. Then Mr John Dillinger himself took me upon his shoulders in TCK, along with @Hammah@ReiSSs@Jax teller. Then @GDZand @Naylor The Gameralong with @blaze1981 took me into UNCM after giving a special members house location... Im sure you all that were there remember what happend to the house at Kavala PD After a long grind in UNMC, finally became member of the command of UNMC, sadly at this time server shifted focus and not long after UNMC where gone. Then a short time back to the OG boys, when finally joined police 1004 days ago (05/03/2018) @Josh my man in Kav that always backed you up, @George Kohlersup daaawg! Later on NCA where i became the famous DMS roach. Always getting those pings on ts after a kill. After a strong run in NCA, finally got into the group with the boys in AR. First year in AR was probably most fun i ever had on the server tbh

    1. K E V I N

      K E V I N

      wow I wish we were there bro, hand in hand singing our hearts out 😂



      @K E V I Nfor sure my love. Thing is, she singing that fkin song perfect aswell 😄 Would've been a night to remember

  5. weeeeeee, are never ever eveeerrrrrr



      @K E V I NYou go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me

  6. Well, i drove 560km on a thursday late evening to get mine Halfway through my ride to get it, i got a puncture and found myself not to have a jack with me -.- Took me 10hours to get back home again
  7. Uhm no, my 3080 is 323mm which is a MSI rtx 3080 gaming x trio. Dont know which model your looking at but AIBs cards are most often bigger in every direction
  8. It doesnt NEED to be 750w+, 650w is just fine, but when buildning a new one 750w is a go to when aiming for a 3080/3090. And the SSD should not be a m.2 SATA, it should be m.2 NVME and nothing else. Preferably 2 of them, one "smaller" for OS, and a bigger one for the games. OT, wait til AMD announce their new cpu and gpu(in oct). They might have an ace in their sleeve with the graphics cards since Raja Koduri hasnt had his dirty fingers in the 6000 series. That case doesnt fit all 3080/3090s. Id rather go with lian li pc-o11 dynamic. There is an XL variant aswell
  9. +1, was about to scroll down and say the same thing myself
  10. Anyone here playing division 2 these days?

  11. Why run slow memory on a cpu that rather have 3600mhz to perform at its best?

    ifrit despawn

    You need to windowskey it or have keys to it not to clean up
  13. Couldnt find more annoying text to read And another question? Playing with 10fps?
  14. Hello Sir, was me in that car. However you where all over the road, so i swinged left to avoid you, which clearly didnt work out, but as soon you started sending notes and asking me to ts and and claming vdm and stuff, my patience ran out. This is a normal Road traffic collision, and not vdm as you claimed while you where on the ground. However, sorry for calling you an idiot
  15. Ryzen 3600 with 3200/3600mhz 16gb kit and youre good, psu corsair or evga. To save a bit of money, get a b450 chpset motherboard. MSI tomahawk is popular or tomahawk max i think its called. Maxed have support out of the box
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