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  1. Goodbye Altis POLICE!

    Have fun destoying a car with 1 pc, and 2 pcsos.....
  2. Enjoying UNMC.

    @Vlad Vodka he's gone missing, so maybe thats why ^^
  3. UNMC recruitment information

    Hahahaha what the fkin hell did i just watch xD

    How much are the bids on?
  5. In Honor of Fallen Comrades.

    Rip @Fluqi :D
  6. Noice Roleplay

    I know, but all the other guys around you was ^^
  7. Noice Roleplay

    Thx mate, as i wasnt in blue uniform i could actually stay and RP without being arrested xD
  8. [RARE] 5.8 suppressor

    Yeah, and UNMC can buy them aswell :p Its not rare at all
  9. Arma weekend Steam sale.

    I remember the free weekend, it was hilarious =D
  10. How To Snipe - Mil-dots and basics tutorial!

    What ive heard, every marksmanscope is 25m
  11. Pre-Built PC's

    Prebuilt is shit. Often overpowered cpu compared to the grapichscard. No upgrade abilities etc. The best thing to do if you dont want to put it together yourself, ask a friend, or let the company buying the components from build it for you
  12. For the guys that complaing about spikestrips

    Its exploiting in the game tho, and he aint running 2000 meters with the spikes out
  13. ASP 12.7 .

    @LAITH yeah i found the first one ;) Sold it to Guy for 1.5 mil :(
  14. ASP 12.7 Sniper

    And the asp isnt a sniper? Its a closerange with subsonicrounds?