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  1. BE 4 they did that i was with them guys be 4 we was racing and talking then they left down the street and started to fallow but i lost them for 1 sec so i stated to drive to legion and seen u guys fighing with the guys i was with a minit ago so i saved them from being killed buy a guy with knife i saved one guy i am sorry if idid it in a bad rp way or spam punching and plus u eddited it out where i rp and said i was stamping your brain out where the full video i have a go pro ill will up load my half
  2. gta for ya hahaha 

  3. cant get on to gta lol keeps crashing 

    1. Drew


      Come to TS I can help 

  4. apple picker 🤢

    1. Mason


      Ain't nothing wrong with being an apple picker mate its good honest work

  5. grow up ya tool 

    1. Mason


      If he grows up any more he will die

    2. Regi Smith

      Regi Smith

      pair of you suck an egg ya bellsniffs

  6. clothing business i have ask about and there is no such thing at the min i had a grate business idea where i owned a shop and ,make clothing for gangs and civs and girls stuff where i can put logo and gang photos or business names any thing like that i ask about and about 10 pepole up to now would like the idea and would happy to pay for that kind of stuff will create a new bisiness money and new gangs i would love to be apart of it . ? thanks love from sassy stoner x

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    2. Kayn


      glad ur productive @Boab

    3. Boab


      Look at all these people jealous of how much fun I am having on fiveM, smh.


    4. jaxteller


      Fuck them Guys @Boab thinking they are in military! 

  8. wooow looks so good man nice one cx
  9. police vs hobos hahah 


    1. Kseniya


      If I was there, I'd probably nick that shield when he threw it and ran

  10. happy Sunday boys 

  11. any PIG touches my stinging Roger ill hack there fucking hands off
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