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  1. Is it a unfair advantage tho? You are just putting yourself at a disadvantage.
  2. @Gramps might still have his
  3. Going to throw my view in here as someone who has played rebel for a fair while now and also a new cop. TBH some of the best cop roleplay I've had on here has been with AR. From my experience the RP has always been really funny and chill. I think if you go in with the mentality that they are all about gunfights and don't want to RP then you then you will have a shit experience. Its a two way street. As a PCSO and other low ranking officers, having AR around can be a life saver. Like Ryan pointed out, 9 times out of 10 i'm not going to try take rebels' weapons away then there is 8 of them, all with MK1s. Its just not going to happen. I feel much more confident if I know there is AR about or even more officers around in the area ready to back me up if shit hits the fan. Yes AR can be ruthless but I think they need to be. AR should be something that is feared but also respected. Feared meaning if you see them turn up in a gunfight you should be thinking "shit this just got harder". But at the same time. If they do take you down or you meet them on the streets, they should be able to provide some quality roleplay for everyone to enjoy. Anyway just my opinion, don't roast me too hard.
  4. https://gyazo.com/88fbb0404df6d700809ce333af40ca4d Feels bad man
  5. Holy shit that was good. Really impressive mate.
  6. Yea I'm happy to try resolve again after seeing Aaron's video. Im working this evening so would have to been before 3 today or tomorrow. Edit: Just noticed Arron is banned currently so offering comp will be quite difficult. I'm happy to wait and see if he gets unbanned to then offer him comp or give it to a gang member of his to pass on. Kinda waiting for either @aaron_carsonor yourself @DELETER to respond before I do anything as I'm not sure what would be best since he is currently banned
  7. Hey, the resolving was pretty poor and I take the blame for that. I was convinced I was in the right and due to their being an active gunfight I could shoot the armed rebels advancing on us from the air. However after seeing Arron's video and seeing he had nothing to do with the current gunfight and ended up in a wrong place wrong time situation I am happy to pay for his loadout as he had nothing to do with the fight. My resolve was pretty shitty and i'm sorry about that. In future i'll certainly be more understanding of their point of view and offer comp if needed. PS. You've tagged the wrong Rowan but doesn't matter
  8. Banned for not quoting the person in your ban.
  9. Ok, we were in an active gunfight with another rebel gang. Ming Dynasty I believe. One of my gang members was initiated on and a hummingbird with benchies was following us and shooting at our truck. We made it to the Kore DMT and set up positions. The heli flew off and dropped a couple guys off and as you can see in my video I was shooting at someone on the hill while my gang member was trying to spot the sniper pinging at us. 17s into my video you can hear the DMT being pinged and just after you see me shoot at the guy on the hill. https://plays.tv/video/5a7b6d24415faab398/proof-of-active-gunfight-v2?from=user After a few minutes of fighting the rebels your heli comes with people on the bench and starts making its way towards the tower. I took a spilt second decision and decided to shoot the heli thinking it was the same one as earlier. It was a mistake to shoot you and I did not intend to RDM you however you flew into the middle of a active gunfight and posed a threat to us. Edit: After speaking with the gang we were fighting they confirmed that they were shooting at us from the same style/paint job heli and were trying to bench snipe us. I'm sure @D Y L A N can confirm that and also confirm that there was in fact a gunfight going on.
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