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  1. Sup gamers

    1. Ji


      still alive i see 🙂

    2. khalifa


      nice to meet you


  2. You still alive my man?

    1. Jack M

      Jack M

      I am mate 😂 how you doing?

  3. Still play Tarkov big man?

    1. Xkan


      Not right now but been looking to get back into it. You down to play sometime?

    2. Jack M

      Jack M

      Yeah mate! I’ve heard the latest update has fixed a load of bugs

  4. Cya later NCA boiz, had a good time but decided to leave. @Ridge_ @CI Benjamin @CI Ali Barber @CI Dan B @SI Wolfy @INS Kai @Antollyme @CI Mystix @SI Josh @Santo @D Jand to the other NCA boiz, didn’t tag ya coz I couldn’t find you. 

    And last @Ant Arni in a bit dude, have fun in AR

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    2. Jack M

      Jack M

      Found ya xD @D J will do mate, will be on TS ma dude.

    3. Santo


      Thank fuck

    4. Ben



      Where's the other STO gone?

  5. Studying Level 3 in Computing, this covers things like Programming, Information Systems, Installing software, etc. I have one more year of this and then I want to go to university.
  6. Happy Birthday! You should get a Birthday Boy tag xD

  7. You’ll be doing our job, thanks
  8. It’s one of the spongiest clothings on the server, so people will pay quite a bit to buy it.
  9. The East Altis part at the end made me laugh so hard @PeachMaster
  10. I’m surprised a bid on a prowler went to 1 mill. I wouldn’t say it’s hard to get a prowler and Quilin’s are better anyway.
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