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  1. favourite portfolio I have seen here, too many SAFEMOONs and planetary named coins. meme coins are almost always a disaster imooooooooooooo
  2. You're a really friendly bloke, why reply if you have nothing to say...
  3. did i violate a rule starting discussion on this matter, do not tell me this comes under the Advertising rule...
  4. Got into trading cryptos at the start of this year and its Probs a stupid question because the crypto space is extremely hot rn and I dont really know where I should of put this topic but I am curious....! MY PORTFOLIO: COTI ADA LTC ETH XDB
  5. id sacrifice an arm and a leg to see altis life servers full to the brim

    1. foxyy


      id sacrifice an arm and a leg to see altis life servers full to the brim

    2. Tuna


      Better to give a kidney and some liver - you can live a normal life without those!

    3. Tyrone Is Here

      Tyrone Is Here


  6. I haven't been on in so long that I thought this post was reffering to irl shroom picking lol
  7. could do with a calippo 

  8. you probably do not remember me mate, but you do not realise what i would do to hear that geordie accent one last time 


  9. you are the best

  10. yeah I rate this! I don't like the idea of police and poseidon being able to return in waves every 15 minutes. I think it should be when your dead you are dead. Just my opinion I do not see why police are exempt from not being able to return, doesn't seem fair to me. Just my opinion though it doesn't matter too much, good suggestion !!!!
  11. I thought this was already a thing, odd. Yes big +1
  12. it would be interesting to see what would happen if 5.56 was the maximum caliber for everyone on the server, it probably would be a bit stupid but I don't know it would be a fun experiment to see happen. I remember when rpuk had the tanoa server everything was harder to get with the level system they had and there was definitely more rp on there
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