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  1. big ol fathead from ukland but still pretty gooood
  2. My friend just got 1.6 for no reason...

    I don't know why he would buy cs 1.6 when csgo has been out for so long and is more popular, also it is a very good game 🙂

    1. JoshuaSD1


      1.6 is where it started mate!

    2. khalifa


      1.6 is in my blood mayte


  3. spin botterRR HACKER!! very cool
  4. You are clearly abusing the zone spotting me running around the deerstand when the gunfight is active, you guys even drop a guy inside the compound from your taru as he gets initated on. He also runs into the purple zone after getting initated on. (6.0.1) You must not abuse the boundaries of any marked zone on the map. Using the boundary to troll/taunt or temporarily gain protection is forbidden. You are stood on the edge knowing that you cannot be shot, if the zone was not there you would have been dead long time before that so you are clearly abusing it. First thing you do aswell w
  5. Issue is having the full runs inside the poseidon lands. I made a suggestion about it a year ago, get rejected but feel free to make a new one and copy whatever you want from it.
  6. clearly spinbotting smh my head xd
  7. Ayy big up Tyler J
  8. I was involved aswell, we initated on Sir Leons vehicle, shot tires, he got out with a gun and started shooting us. Since he did not have time to say that he had friends or not we have to assume that he has.
  9. Only reason I would upload would be to prove my screenshot not having the heart symbol not being photoshop. As I already said it would only be a rulebreak if I died due to getting shot and then there would be a heart symbol bottom left.
  10. Already said I don't have that. I was on the ground for about 14 min and I could only clip past 5 minutes.
  11. @Fluqilook at the screenshot. That rule only counts if I died in a gunfight/got shot. That is why that heart symbol shows bottom left when you get revived and then goes away when you are allowed to shoot again. If you really want I can send you a full video of me being down on the ground for 5 minutes waiting for a medic then getting revived and executing him. Should also add that his video is missing a lot of context and overall is just 2 minutes long. Says you need 3-5 minutes minimum aswell as context to the situation for a report to get accepted on the "report a player guide". I'm sur
  12. @FluqiI thought the person reporting would need to be the one proving that the person they are reporting is actually breaking a rule. I did not clip me being vdmed but I got screenshot from where I execute him and you can see there is no heart symbol thing in bottom left that would be there if I died due to someone killing (shooting) me.
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