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  1. Cant hack having the flu 🤒

    1. Oliver


      "Hack"? why you hacking?

  2. Welcome back!! don't forget to read the server rules since there are some new ones sir! https://www.roleplay.co.uk/rules

  3. I have read the terms and I accept them. My understanding of the severity of this topic is because the IRA was a republican paramilitary organization seeking a republic Ireland through violent means ie bombing etc and are seen as a terrorist organisation, they carried out many attacks on innocent Irish and British people throughout their active years which I condemn and 101% agree that it is not tolerated in the community, the IRA terrorized The Republic of Ireland and Britain for years and killed thousands. After looking at my decisions I realised I was being very idiotic, I should’ve known in the first place not to post something that could be so offensive, these sort of posts cannot be tolerated because the IRA was a terrorist group, I can assure you-you will never have to deal with my name related to this again if you were to unban me, I think this will serve well to anybody that has viewed my unban to understand also it is not acceptable. Apologies to anybody that may have found the picture I posted offensive. Thank you for taking your time to review this and respond. @Drew
  4. Happy Birthday you lil terrorist

    1. Appleby Back up

      Appleby Back up

      Thanks Andrew hahaha x

  5. Happy Birthday father

  6. Happy Birthday my dude

  7. happy birthday ice gem head

    1. NIrish Andrew

      NIrish Andrew

      Thanks Lorraine x

  8. Happy Birthday mate 

  9. 18 today , memes

    1. Qetz


      Happy Bday mate have a good! :D

    2. Bauwsix


      Eeeeey big boii gz!

  10.                      @Wilco @F A D E need to be quicker fade 🏃


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