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  1. Mosley's Grand Opening Event starts at 8pm Come on down for a chance to get the car you have always wanted Staff will be around to speak to in order to find the right vehicle for you Food and Drink will be provided Cars will be stocked on the day. I am planning on stocking Audi R8's, Oracle STD A's, Porsches and much more Raffles can also be done if people are wanting them to go ahead I am aware Enquiries is spelt wrong, Just allow it xD
  2. Hi Phoenix, I am not sure, you will need to ask @FatherAugustusas he now runs PowerSt PDM. Thanks - Gooba
  3. Mark and I have spoken on Teamspeak regarding my involvement in this report. To my knowledge, there is no report against me in this and my involvement has been explained and resolved. Mark can confirm this. Thanks for the chat in Teamspeak Mark. - Gooba
  4. Thank you everyone for attending. The Winner of Jamie Jameson. So congratulations to you. Here are a collection of photographs taken at the event.
  5. Event is today. Head down to the Underground Race Track for 20:30. Bring your best vehicle for your chance to win a big prize. Hope to see you all there
  6. You can indeed. Maybe bring a Sanctus?
  7. BRING YOUR BEST #2 The Second BringYourBest Event, Massive Cash Prize, Welcoming Environment and Like Minded Individuals. Come on down at 20:30 on the 21/10 (Thursday) for your chance to win the cash prize. Vehicles will be judged on the overall appearance, modifications and uniqueness. Date: Thursday the 21st Time: 20:30 Location: Underground Race Track Prizes: Sam Gooba - £500,000 Cash Father Augustus - Free Asbo, Weevil & Kanjo (Delivery due on restock) Hosted by: Sam Gooba The Event is intended to be fun and relaxing. If you have beef with people that are attending the event. That beef gets left at the garage door as you come down to the track.
  8. Thank you all so much for attending the event. I had a blast and I hope you all did as well. I will be hosting more events in the future. Please leave your feedback in the replies of this post so I can improve my events in the future! Big thank you to the park rangers for keeping an eye on the racers during the event and making sure they were ok. Auto Exotic helped so much during the event, ensuring all the cars were refuelled and repaired. As well as being in a helicopter provided repairs on the track and keeping a watch for racers that might have come off the track. So without them this event wouldn't have happened. 1st Place: LostMC 2nd Place: Father and the Apostles 3rd Place: Ballas 4th Place: The Sinclair Team Below are a collection of pictures I found on tweedle and took during the event. The Final Racers: 1st Place: Lost MC 2nd Place: Father and the Apostles 3rd Place: Ballas
  9. Below is the route for the event: Please contact me in game on 7-8170 if you want to participate. You will need a team of 3. All vehicles are provided. No Entry requirement. Just show up and bring your best.
  10. RELAY RALLY Sam Gooba and Auto Exotic brings you: Relay Rally Event Compete in the relay rally for your chance to win a cash prize for your team. Teams of 3 will need to sign up with either Sam Gooba or an Auto Exotic member. Vehicles will be provided, all you need to do is show up. Vehicles provided will be: Vehicle 1: Subaru Impreza WRX Vehicle 2: Jugular Vehicle 3: Mystery Vehicle Date: 06/10/2021 Time: 21:00 Location: Next to Azteca Motel Hosted by: Sam Gooba (7-8170) Sponsored by: Auto Exotic Post will be updated closer to the time of the event.
  11. Thank you all for attending the event last night. Was really nice to see such a big turnout for the event and I hope you all had fun. Keep an eye out for more events to come. Feedback is appreciated, so if you have thoughts on how we can better run events in the future. Please let me know Thanks -Sam Gooba
  12. Bug with the current Tailgater S from PowerSt PDM. There are two stocked and when you order in the one that costs £50,000 it actually stocks a Futo instead. I tested this out as I was curious as to what the second Tailgater S was and this was delivered. This also happened with the Lexus RCF from Hardwick PDM, When you went to order in the Lexus and the delivery was completed. It stocked the Skoda Superb instead.
  13. PowerSt PDM x Auto Exotic - Car Meet event starting at 9pm. Come on down for your chance to win a grand prize! Grove and Triads first to show up. Appreciate you guys 🙂

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