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  2. The last 198 days I've been a CST have been a pleasure, couldn't have asked for better faction leads & fellow CSTs to do it with, even if i wasnt the most active! Thanks to all app team members for being on the ball for so long, best of luck for whatever you all go on to do, whether it's on FiveM or Arma 4 Some stats for the nerds: 5804 applications submitted (and that's only the ones we have logged) 136 application team members over the years 45.28% of applications were accepted App Team member stats: Thanks everyone. And for one last time: Kind Regards, CST. Bob Wilkinson NHS Recruitment Team @Roger Smith
  3. ...accidentally, obviously. It froze so i restarted and now my front & rear headphone jacks don't seem to exist. They're not in my sound settings as output devices and in device manager they appear like this: I've tried uninstalling & reinstalling the drivers with no luck, only way to get audio is through my monitors which comes through the DP cables. It works having headphones plugged into them is fucky Any suggestions or do I need a sound card? Motherboard is GA-Z170-HD3P and it has integrated audio. Cheers help
  4. We try to get them done within a day or two, but currently it may take a little while. We're working on it though Sure, just fill out the form
  5. Happy birthday lad you can buy your own fags now

  6. You can do this, but it depends on which cops you get and whether your RP story is a good one
  7. @Blanco Bullet
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