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  1. no what i did was different
  2. how do you know they havent been shut down? Also if a friend has a clip i would ask for it as i could help devs
  3. i havent got anything on you and have no reason to friend or block you : https://gyazo.com/0f9e4158fc72aa193c67be824895e4c3
  4. this is my pov: this is also not true as i have had no messages from you trying to resolve this Screenshot off last message from hive: https://gyazo.com/272c5c6dab9c08cf8334724c87616c3e
  5. same thing happened with me earlier today
  6. Same things happened to yesterday with a khaki one,but when I tried a black one it worked
  7. on a serious note why has then redzones been nerfed so much for the factions. From the police side i can understand them not wanting cops to be payed ,but from a poseidon side why have we had to have the nerfs aswell when we still have to pay for our gear, also why was the decision made for someone to have to be in the zone while having there guns out to actually get payed
  8. my loadout for the next few months 4-five ACP

    1. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      Will take 20 mins to pay off in the redzone x

  9. if im not mistaken ciaran management is 165
  10. since when did boab join ground branch
  11. Stubley

    ifrit despawn

    the ifrit cleaned due to the person with keys not being in the area
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