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  1. Stubley

    Border Wars

    I like the zone idea but moving the border In my eyes is just a way off forcing people to come on and play as poseidon
  2. i made this a while back for a new garage in kav
  3. Stubley

    Hotkey to heal

    What about a user action key so people can choose
  4. Stubley

    Seatbelt Script

    +1 for seatbelts aslong as there is no beeping noise
  5. ill say the same people keep saying to poseidon go on as a civ and do runs
  6. If they play for fun they wouldn't care about paying more for gear no
  7. you not getting paid in zones is down GC
  8. just make them pay half what Poseidon pay for mk1 and mx sw's so 100k for mk1 and 35k for mx sw's also maybe 35k for spar 16s
  9. Same things happened to yesterday with a khaki one,but when I tried a black one it worked
  10. Stubley

    Island Overhaul

    +1 from me for this also for poseidon to place fields etc some restrictions would have to be looked at as currently they have to be 4.5km away from each other
  11. i think trail devs that come on board need to given more freedom and be allowed to create there own things instead off being given a list off things to do
  12. Stubley

    Gang Uniform

    Gang Uniform Brief Summary: to allow gangs to have two uniforms Detailed Suggestion: So atm a gang is able to request a gang uniform and can currently have one what im suggesting is to allow for gangs to have a normal uniform like what unmc have the overalls and then allow them to have a stealth uniform which has to be bought at there gang base or advanced.If this was to be accepted gangs would spawn in with the normal uniform and to get the stealth uniform they would have to buy it from said shops The Pros: Allows rebels to have a stealth uniform option
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