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  1. no what i did was different
  2. how do you know they havent been shut down? Also if a friend has a clip i would ask for it as i could help devs
  3. i havent got anything on you and have no reason to friend or block you : https://gyazo.com/0f9e4158fc72aa193c67be824895e4c3
  4. this is my pov: this is also not true as i have had no messages from you trying to resolve this Screenshot off last message from hive: https://gyazo.com/272c5c6dab9c08cf8334724c87616c3e
  5. what about moving the rebel fob to Thresa airport or close by
  6. it doesn't help that we have to pay to process as Poseidon also
  7. same thing happened with me earlier today
  8. https://gyazo.com/bf12fe48d5c658bfd819e1fc38a6595b remove the bank deduction system maybe remove the bus system aswell (unsure if people actually use it)
  9. maybe remove all the vehicles that have been placed on the map for looks awell
  10. Stubley

    Border Wars

    I like the zone idea but moving the border In my eyes is just a way off forcing people to come on and play as poseidon
  11. Stubley

    Hotkey to heal

    What about a user action key so people can choose
  12. Stubley

    Seatbelt Script

    +1 for seatbelts aslong as there is no beeping noise
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