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  1. 450k for both
  2. I didn't even see it at first, my ocd got hung up on your waypoint and character location marker.
  3. Think a more suitable question would be, how far the development is and stuff that still has to be done.
  4. Because it allows people who want a secure house, to not have the house they've bought have the picture on the forums. Nonetheless I will update it pretty soon probs with pictures and more info
  5. Not going to share the location that freely, probably put a price on picture and location.
  6. I have quite a secure house that I don't really need. It is the first house that I bought when I got here (Got it for quite a long time now), and it has never been robbed. On top of that it's really good to defend as well, so if it does get found and robbed, you are most likely going to win from the robbers and keep your goodies. It has three property upgrades already installed, which is lvl 1 and lvl 2 upgrade and the alarm system. I'm looking to only get the money that I spent on the property upgrades, and extra is always welcome. I will not show a picture of it as this is only for people who want a secure house, showing a picture is taking that away. Maybe a transfer of money could change my mind but i'm still deciding on how much :P Anyways, if you have interest, send me a dm or post it here, whatever you prefer!
  7. same p much
  8. money syncs over to malden? what about liscenses?
  9. Hmm, fair point but you could argue that if you are not involved in any (rp) situation and you log off in the same place you spawn at on the other server, you limit the teleport that has happened. So that you are able to swap servers and have to meet certain requirements such as logging off in the place you want to spawn in, and ofcourse not break 4.7. This way cops are able to balance servers out and civilians/rebels can swapt to possibly a friends server, as you would assume they'd be wanting to play together, much more fun! Shouldnt be to strict on that rule as long as people dont take advantage of it such as the example.
  10. I don't even think this rule would be in effect for balancing out police on the server anyways? It's a whitelisted faction that serves a huge purpose on the servers. The balance of police on two servers would be in no way considered metagaming. It's only in place to stop server hops because of (big) events that can be swayed by reinforcements, (dependant of the sitaution ofcourse, could be something intirely different). Populating a low server to balance out the police over two servers is as I see it, common sense and nescesairy. So not sure what changed for police after this rule got in place but it should be still the same, as populating a server to balance out the police is in no way metagaming... +1 for the forward thing, but if there aren't many police coming online and there is a low server, I feel like the police online can hop serversas well, as long as they don't log off while there is HM or whatever is going on.
  11. so it was new!, was already wondering if it was new or that i only just noticed
  12. I deinstalled it after the first sentence in the tutorial, way to many options