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  1. Can we only have the reporter and the reported commenting on this, unless you have video proof to backup any claims you are making there is no need for everyone else to be commenting on this as well, thank you.
  2. I believe houses were temporarily disabled, until something is fixed, do not worry all your things are still there.
  3. Nuclear

    Border Wars

    Some points I have is perhaps start the thing at 8:30 that way people can log on and be ready for it to start, if the next week server is being locked again and stuff it will allow people to form up before its go time, this event when i logged on with the first batch of Poseidon police already had nearly 600 cap points, which was already hard enough to catch. Secondly I think 4 h is just to much i would prefer 2 h rather than 4.
  4. Nuclear

    Border Wars

    Sorry but remind me again which faction has a mar-10, besides you guys were on critical armoury which put you into a better spot then half of our lower ranks(not complaining just saying), its prettyeven we don't have better or worse armoury. I think the same number of people both side is fine, if not then it can always be adjusted
  5. What you are proposing will be impossible to inforce and is unfair, 20/20 that Ciaran proposed is more than fair that way a faction can put the 20 members and they can fight it out for that restart whoever is better will win not who has the more members. Numbers can easily be adjusted as well so even if its 20/20 and theres a need for more it can be increased quite easily.
  6. That is genuine feedback tho Maxim... No point for us to have more slots, we don't have the members to fill them, police slots need to go down for the event so its even 25 v 25 perhaps
  7. Because i find it stupid. Go on holiday and rob it. Don't remember any promises about Police and Poseidon command discusing that, nor were there any discussions, noone in Poseidon leadership is up for that anyways (as far as i'm aware), Imo you are cops not robbers, if you wanna rob stuff hop over to our side or go on holiday. This topic is about border-wars so stay on topic.
  8. Ciaran, can we see how the border looks if Police wins?
  9. That has been requested through appropriate channels, stop nagging about it. It will come when needed its not a necesity its a QoL.
  10. Nuclear

    Virtual healing

    Just make the cap 15 or something with 0 weight and do medkit on 1 with no weight either (perhaps), don't think anyone will even need that many IFAK's but definetly not more that that.
  11. Nuclear

    Seatbelt bug

    Since it happend to me I will share how it ussualy hapends to me: Have seatbelt on, take it off while the vehicle is moving , congrats you are the new NASA project.
  12. Haven't seen anyone benching at all for a very long time just not the mentality of people naymore, if anything the fights have become more fast paced which is great, I think this change that happend in combination with the decamps script removal goes hand in hand and has shifted people into being more dynamic and its more fun this way.
  13. Nuclear

    ATMs @ Gas Stations

    Good idea, I miss not having the ATM's at every gas station can be quite annoying if you didn't bring money with you
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