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  1. Similar stuff, have already been suggested.
  2. @stoeipoesjeI found out that if you drop your coca leaves, while inside the circle and then pick it up again, it works fine.
  3. Something does happen, it will disable police dispatch system, so police doesn't get any notification. @Lincoln
  4. I did spent some time on my civ character at the casino, I then decided to switch to my police character. Whenever I am trying to connect to my police character, the server logs me back into my civ character and it seems my civ character has fully disappeared. Any known fixes? Additonal information: https://gyazo.com/180c7871a67fb56b31452c373669ed6a
  5. Same issue for the PD.
  6. Tohrin

    CI Jordan

    @SI Creebles Not so reformed after all
  7. @Dean Molay Management is against it.
  8. Right Mrs. @carlysmithy. As I arrived to scene with @DOZED and @AlexRose. We were met by your colleague/cousin in the front of the store, however he didn't seem really interesting co-operating with the police on the matter of getting this situation resolved ASAP. He did stand in the front of the door, so we couldn't enter the store, and after approx 2-3 min telling him to step away from the door so we could go in, he finally moved his legs and did allow us to go in, and from our view it did seem like, he was doing it on purpose, to gain more time, and that's why we became a little more s
  9. Tohrin

    Voice Volume Mod

    This is a mod free community.
  10. Tohrin

    Raiding Gangbases

    I don't think they turned up for the gangbase alone.
  11. Look at this way, maybe that could bring some vigilante work, people would actually help the police stop HM, banks, ect.
  12. I am going to destroy you on the battlefield, like I destroyed you at the East event. 

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    2. Tohrin


      Looking forward to our VR games later this evening.

    3. Shepherd Kingston

      Shepherd Kingston

      Did you get it ?!?!?

    4. Tohrin


      Yes, it is so good. 

      What's our next game to buy.

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