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  1. Not allowed to leave. Its been a pleasure having you in the police! Good luck on doing all the staff duties
  2. CSI Sneitost

    Police Qilin

    Looks good, better then what we currently have!
  3. I agree! Nice looking view you guys had there, amazing.
  4. Big thanks to @Warwick & @Tink93 from AutoCare! They supplied me with one of my favorite car. A perfect looking Sultan RS with all the upgrades! For everyone looking to buy their dream car. Now you know where to go, AutoCare. Alot of pictures ;
  5. Alright, I will first start off with what you stated in the report; “This issue has NOT been brought to liason due to the amount of times this has happend and/or been reported to police command. I have no intentions to talk to any officers or deal with this outside of this report as the officers involved knows this very well that this is a rule violation.” You say that the issue was not brought to the liaison due to the amount of times this has happened. I honestly don’t see why you could not have messaged myself or the other to get back on the server. I would have no problem getting
  6. Thank you, glad you had a great time with us. I enjoyed it. Being able to interacte and talk insted of going the other route most of the situations end up in. Im glad you decided to go along with the RP there! With me in the choppa @Morty044 My sharpshooter @SI Mystix @Cyanide
  7. It was great mate, wanna see more of this :) @Aaron2290
  8. #Roleplay Well done Jack! Loved it hahahaha Keep up the good roleplay! @Jack Rippoff
  9. Well done guys :) Loved the tea party it was great. One of the best roleplay situations I have ever been in! Thanks to everyone who was involved. Keep it up Boyzz! Thanks Zener, always doing my best:) And yes we had alot of fun!
  10. Happy Birthday ! 😄

    1. Fluqi


      Thanks mate :)

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