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  1. @Charles Vanethnx for the trust you had in me and aswell the mc for always having a warm welcome to me .
  2. Hey all, The White company is closed for a while or maybe longer ! Sinds oil prices are that high and almost every member of the city is in a gang and gang`s are robbing our trucks if we can actualy find workers .. And even what ever we offer ... even above 50K for a truck of ore`s is not enough to get people to work ...we have 2 shut down for the moment and maybe for ever . i as Mr White can not motivate myself anymore at the moment .. construction contract`s are not taking seriusly if you imagine June 2020 the contract was made .. I tried to long to motivate m
  3. The man outside the warehouse is not working anymore for the last 2 weeks to take in orders
  4. I have seen that quality went up big time sinds the all owning there own Turfs.. there al kind to new people in the city and most of them very friendly to me when i arive in there area's. Having good buissenes deals with them and there all thinking with me how the can help me with my company and profit making . Realy thankfull for that . Greatings Mr White
  5. I lose my steel everytime in the warehouse ! Or somebody found a way to take it out without paying for it .. this mornig i made a picture of the stock .. 20 dollar on the account .. now i come back .. steel gone .. again .. only 60K something on the account.. this is getting realy frustrating now aswell the redicules time of me waiting more than 6 months on propper warehouse and juwellery.. this morning there was 629 steel in the warehouse .. now its gone .. it was for sale for 850 a ignot
  6. Aaah great .. i figured out by the way .. that if you freeze and somebody calls you . You can pick up or hang up and its all good again until you put something in again
  7. when you open your garage ad your house the car is there .. when you want to take it out .. it goes somewhere .. but not anyware close to youre house ? didnt find them
  8. I noticed that the housing system is changed again to older script maybe ? cant place items anymore . says : can not place items outside your house ...wanted to finish my floor ..but was no go
  9. same prob ! one gun missing ..combat
  10. This looks great !! Great job Greatings Mr White
  11. No problem with putting cars in . But if you wanna take them out !! The circle you can see but thats it .. and not giving a option to look in the garage or take any out
  12. my quistion ...only one truck is able to fit in your house garage .. so you cant drive 2 it with a nother car ..couse everyting you leave outside your house ...wil go directly to the inpound the first or second time you step outside your house .. to load up a truck from your house storage ... is a pain now ..from the door you walk to your car or truck thats always a bit away from your house and load it ..than you need to store it again 15 second waiting time .. if you go in your house ...its posible its not storing ..and goes directly to the impound again .. so you will always need some
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