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  1. Anyone wanna play CS:GO with a noob? I'm in Public 1 in TS if so :]

  2. No need to drop the soap with these two ;)
  3. What's that on his head?.... and why does he have a sledge hammer?? Also who filmed this... I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.
  4. I used to love this gif :"]
  5. Hey Nalurah, The worst part of this is when other players attempt to stick up for you because they realize you're a human being bullied (regardless of gender) and then they just get called white knight or given shit for it. Then in the future they are less likely to try to help, and so are others, for fear of being given shit in return. I feel your pain. It's funny because some stuff really won't bother me at all, And then other times it will legitimately hurt my feelings and make me not want to play for a couple days. You're absolutely right when you say you shouldn't have to give up your hobby because others think you need "thicker skin." You don't need to be like them and become an apathetic being the moment you come online, it's great that you remain an empathetic person regardless of how your human interaction is taking place. Anyways, just wanted to say I get it and I hope your post will help deter this issue in the future. ~Julia
  6. I'm a fan of this one :3
  7. Scratch the flying lessons. Was robbed within 5 minutes of logging in... will try another day.

    1. Stavik


      You gotta get some airport security! il give a hand!

    2. Julie Cel

      Julie Cel

      Haha thanks :p I'll hit you up next time :]

    3. Kennyy


      Rippp, I was thinking to get some lessons but nooo :(

  8. Free flying lessons @AltisAirport today ! Will you die? Yes. But you'll die soaring like a bird.




    A fiery bird of metal and explosions...

  9. Does the forum look hella weird and not properly loaded for anyone else?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Khandamir


      Having same problem. Already showing withdrawal symptoms.

    3. JaxTeller


      Yep thought it was me, but seems to be more people have this problem. 

    4. Khandamir


      Works fine again, you guys too?

  10. Wait... what just happened? I'm confused also...
  11. Well you see, you'll notice I'm at full health most of the time while Karnii is close to death. This is because I am the superior survivalist of the team and therefore more valuable.
  12. I like to stare at a picture of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry together while I listen to this song. #SwishSwishBish #ShadeThrown