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  1. Here are some pictures from the Blood Ride. Thank you to everyone that attended.
  2. If you sell or lose your house I'm quite certain that everything in it will also be lost, that includes cars. I'm also fairly certain that you don't lose your house for missing 1 month of payment.
  3. Come and watch the NHS Blood Ride event.

  4. All motorcycles are welcomed as long as you ride in a safe manner. Due to a increase in motorcycles casualties and a stretch out NHS we are organizing a blood ride. This ride has as scope to raise awareness that there are other road users than cars and that everyone should drive more carefully. We also plan to donate blood so that we can fill up the NHS blood bank to help with any injured people they may encounter. All the donations at the end of the ride and all the money from raffles will be donated to the NHS participants and NHS in order to purchase more equipment so they can help more people. There will be raffles at the end for all the participants. The sponsors AutoShop Motorcycles donated a Manchez Scout to be raffled. Auto Exotic donated free repairs for everyone that participates in the blood ride. Sing Motels donated motel rooms and money to go towards other prizes. The Firm Group is sponsoring money for the prizes. Vangelico Fine Jewellery is sponsoring money for the prizes.
  5. To be fair I had some really nice RP from some cops when caught fleeing a shooting or selling drugs. Only half the times I ended up arrested and even less in prison. It dose make sense for criminals to abuse the legal system to try and get out of prison or a lesser sentence, I doubt it that even in real life a criminal would just say yes, guilty, put me away for 50 years....they will get a solicitor and fight the charges as much as they can, up to intimidating or killing witnesses. So for a criminal to lawyer up and make police complaints and sue the police for anything they can is not far fetched in my opinion. As well it doesn't make sense for a cop to chase someone and the cop to get in a crash or run someone over and then keep going. The main objective of cops should be protecting the public not catching criminals. This means that if you crash or hit someone, stop the chase and get them help. It happens so many times that a cop smashes in me parked on the pavement and then just drives off or shouts, I got lights and sirens. What if you got lights and sirens? It doesn't mean that all the sudden you don't care about protecting others. It would be nice to see criminals turned rats because of a lengthy prison sentence or other things. The same way would be nice to see cops actually care about money so they can be corrupted. There is a lot of RP to have if people just stop shooting each other with first opportunity. While criminals are tough and not afraid of many things, they should still fear losing their life, either in a gunfight or in prison. On the other hand, while cops are trained, they have equipment and numbers, they usually try to maintain a safe environment for the public, not punish every crime. Well, that is my 2 cents on the subject.
  6. DavidGaming

    LS Customs

    Repairing at LS Customs breaks your engine.
  7. A few hours stream come and say hi.

  8. Gonna stream most of the day, come and say hi.

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