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  1. Id be down.
  2. ooooh fire fire
  3. Is there anywhere we can find a A&D mission file? Not necessarily yours, but any one.
  4. if someone started bullying someone, would you join in just because others are doing it? wait shit my analagy is totally irrelivant..
  5. nca getting killed?! 😨 what is this madness?
  6. name change ;)

  7. Ill agree with you @DSGT Fergus. Ive been subject to it, although less so now, and have watched many YR's and others being teased for being 'squeakers', even though the thick majority is actually people aged around 13-15 who just havent started growing yet. Nonetheless, discrimination to any sort of minority, whether it be women, younger players, or anything else, is totally unacceptable. If any of you reading this have done it, even slightly, shame on you.
  8. ughhh beaten to it yet again.
  9. Ive been waiting for this day. p.s. I thought this was turned down long ago, many a time? why we using it now?
  10. Oubergine* ;) @benpowell987, ps if u do get a request from samatlewis asking for a private eggplant, I would advise you to consider turning it down.
  11. Why do you always use purple text?

    1. OConnor - UNMC

      OConnor - UNMC

      Why not my freind? ;P

  12. You've triggered me as a gramma-nazi.
  13. Typical @Ryan Elliott After my days in AL, I learnt never to fly in his helicopter.
  14. Im not crying - just reffering to large groups in the community with such a word can get you 1.6ed. Secondly, that was a friendly joke, and I am gonna ask you to stop trying to stir a argument in this post. Your reaction was truly over exagerated. p.s. Irrelevant to this post, can you be alot kinder to people like me in general. This is not the first time you have started to try and stur shit with me, or assumed attributes. Im no longer going to continue commenting, as this is turning no longer constructive.