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  1. Couldn’t of picked a better caption, in my opinion.
  2. Kai Barry


    Hello, due to the new eye system. Im not able to enter my house at all. The House is mad thunder wayne drive 290.
  3. Happy birthday!

    1. Drew


      Cheers boss man 👊🏼

  4. So the connection resets whenever I try to join a server for instance, if I join a Server on Rising Storm II: Vietnam, it will try establish a connection, it will connect for 2 seconds and my Lan will notice im joining a server and would reset itself. So thats why Mumble doesnt work for me in-game and why I have issues joining in the first place.
  5. So I have an issue where I've moved back into University accommodation. They have a system called ResLAN where its a restricted Lan type meaning I cant join Game Servers such as FiveM anymore. I've once been able to connect and when I have it wont let me connect to mumble (In-game voice system) because the connection resets instantly and when I go to join the FiveM server it states: Couldn't load resource sessionmanager: Failed to open packfile: ReadBulk of header failed: Failed to fetch: Failure downloading resource.rpf: OpenSSL SSL_connect: Connection was reset in connection to ***.**.*.**:**** (//My IP) - CURL error code 35 (SSL connect error)
  6. Cheers for the hunters back lads! And the 50. Cal
  7. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Corleone Family Who are we? We are an Italian mobster organised crime family, although originally born in Italy the family moved to Los Santos seeking a new business opportunity. Due to the mafia being removed from Italy is why they left Italy in the first place. We are a close family without any known feuds internally. We like to deal with drugs and weaponry eventually to then sell it on to the rest of Los Santos for a profit. We take business very seriously and try to take on anybody who interrupts or ruins our perfect business opportunities. We particularly hang around near drug locations and sometimes cut deals with gangs for good business opportunities. We don't usually trust anybody who isn't part of the family. How To Join? We work on a basis of being trusted, If you are interested do us favours and show your interest to the Head of the family --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Nope, you can go ahead and decide on a conclusion, my part has been explained.
  9. Also, don't lie about trying to resolve before. You clearly didn't want to talk to me. You kept telling me I was in the wrong but I asked you what did you want from me? Comp etc and you ignored me. All you did was tell me I was wrong and didn't go to liaison.
  10. Madmatt and Jefke did tell me because I spoke to them both about it, apparently this happened to another officer or something, alex his name was and nothing happened because he didn't know either. But Id love to see a recording of you restraining me and what your hiding skiping it, I wanna see the full footage.
  11. Can I please obtain a longer video, seeing me get out of restraints and not skipped, because the video was clearly skipped meaning your hiding something, I talked to jefke and madmatt they spoke to me in teamspeak. And they did tell me it is not fine but its only the first time and don't do it again.
  12. https://gyazo.com/b5f74ff90171995d2c1569d469d8825e https://gyazo.com/8dc412cd1cb45a936e81fc5aca52cf00
  13. I have screenshots of chat on teamspeak, I tried dealing with this situation on teamspeak he didn't want to resolve and took it straight to the forums. AS I get on my. Computer I will send screenshots of the incident. I spoken to several staff members about the situation (Jefke and madmatt) Basicly there is a bug which was explained to me that after the guy who restrains you dies, you get unrestrained. I've never came across this before and so I thought he must of unrestrained me or something. Then I was told it was a bug and so I realised what i have done wrong and I did apologise heavily to him but he is very hostile towards UNMC lately and so he doesn't want to resolve a petty mistake at which I didn't know could happen. Jefke and madmatt said the same thing, because I didn't know that this bug is a thing next time just place your hands above your head when he dies or if someone lock picks you out you can go. As I said multiple times before I know I'm in the wrong after the bug was explained to me, I'm so sorry again but you seem to not accept anything I offer to you. But it will not happen again as I am now aware of the bug and I will just place my hands above my head. Sorry for inconvinience, disruption and time waisting I have caused. And I do love RPUK's community and developed a lot of friendships and a good member of the community, it would be a shame to break off those friends I have made.
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