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  1. Oddly though that car is not the same car that either Kate or Jo were driving
  2. So this is where you spend your money now that Domino's have banned you

  3. Temper_

    Speed indicator

    Yeah this issue keeps me up at night
  4. Unfortunately missed out on the quiz, but thought I would donate to a charity who help those who are feeling isolated, something which is especially important after this year. Hope it can make a difference!
  5. Police are allowed to camp areas for a specified duration, however I cannot quote it off the top of my head. When it comes to searching for drugs, this is detailed by Section 23 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1971/38/section/23 Police are at times allowed to contravene road traffic laws in the execution of their duty, however they must be able to justify why and if it was the most suitable course of action Police should not be leaving their vehicles unattended, again if you feel a breach of police conduct has taken place, filing an IOPC Report is the best course of action
  6. What you've detailed there does not sound like an illegal search, he had reasonable grounds to search you and your vehicle from what you've said. If the search was illegal and you have clear evidence of it, you could of course file an IOPC report. In regards to your vehicle, make sure to check both impounds.
  7. You do know police cars do suffer damage and that if cars repair themselves that is purely cosmetic??
  8. Think that's just an Arma rule, not in the GTARP ruleset
  9. I'll quote you then, remember that time you said you always keychain, yeah maybe try to not contradict yourself in every message. No need to reply to me mate, I'm sorry that my replies have brought your clear lack of care for the rules or the server to light. I'll of course stop replying as well and leave this to the staff team as I've quite frankly had enough of you.
  10. Unfortunately you dragged me into this report for some reason and as you stated "If you are not part of this report please don't post, thanks in advance", you seem fine with me replying. I am perfectly happy to keep replying so that I can stand by McDonald who just like me and all other officers present, did nothing wrong. Your first action when you arrived was to metagame using the keychain function, and have already admitted that you do it on every occasion with whitelisted members which is such a stupid admission I'm surprised you actually said it. You then ran into your house, pulling a firearm and entering combat stance, clearing showing you were prepared for a gunfight and to end roleplay. You then decided to threaten the police officers on the scene, which further shows you wanted to end any form of roleplay. You then fired the first shot before police did. Now because you have reported us for poor roleplay, I am assuming you understand the 7.1.3 rule. You believe there was no good RP, yet you were the one who killed me even though you believed there was no high quality roleplay. As you mentioned the fact that I respawned, I am afraid you cannot report me for respawning as the police unfortunately were unable to carry out any sort of roleplay that would go towards saving my life. In roleplay, which as you seemed to have missed the server is all about, in fact that's what its name is, if the police had carried out any sort of roleplay towards saving my life, I would have not respawned as that would be poor roleplay. If you have an issue with the respawn and bleeding out system the server uses, the suggestion section would be a more relevant place than a ill thought out report.
  11. Not sure what you’ve reported me for here mate considering you killed me at the start and I unfortunately bled out so would be unable to carry on the situation anyway and died before you so therefore didn’t leave you to die. And don’t try and excuse your blatant metagaming which you so kindly pointed out to us, you cannot use the excuse that a rule could potentially be broken or else metagaming would be a lot more prevelant on the server. Read up on rule 4.2 and then see if your argument stands
  12. Temper_


    Nice Google Images photo mate
  13. Beta is up now. It's alright, definitely an improvement from the first game
  14. For an extremely dangerous target all I've seen him do is complain about equipment boxes
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