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Sam Hastty

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  1. guns

    ill buy as many MX's you have
  2. Still for sale
  3. Happy birthday.

    1. Fluqi


      Thanks bud! 

  4. How much you want for the mx ??
  5. Ok mate, you can have it. PM me so we can sort some stuff out
  6. my mate told me it was worth like 500k. XD
  7. 1x Mk1 EMR Offers
  8. Not sold
  9. Love the collection, hope it grows bigger
  10. 😂 fucking typical
  11. The house i have for sale, is a great drug storing house due to it being only 112m away from the drug dealer. it can have 3 storage boxes and great balcony for chilling on, making it the best late nights Starting bid 300k Bid increment 100k Buyout 2.5 mil If bidding does not reach 1.5 mil, the house will not be sold
  12. it is a decent game. i prefer ETS 2 tho. Bought a G27 early 2016 and that makes it a hole lot more fun.
  13. 😂 Not too bad
  14. Thank so guys probs gonna try doing cooper first then when I have some more money probably jump onto weed
  15. I got the marijuana license for free so I might try it out. How come it is high risk thought. I have a good aim because I have played many other servers, I just don't like being in gangs that much.