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  1. Nice logo mate, 

  2. coming back in August ❤️ i hope to see some old faces back on Arma or FiveM 👌

  3. Yo guys i hope everyone is doing well on these quarantine days... be safe 😘

  4. @Wilco thanks for the reply good sir, its been long since i have played this game or Arma i am planning on getting back into them after summer, so i'll see you all then :)
  5. Alot of people that have put time on this server have been banned, well of course because they did something against the rules , sometimes people like to fight alot just to have fun and some of them dont like it and roleplay, i suggest that you make the south completely Redzone not just Circles... that way people that like to have gunfights can leave others alone and roleplayers can roleplay in peace not being harrased to RP just on the greenzone
  6. How about 150k and a 45% increase of Paychecks? also can we have a vote to bring back the Diamond of the server U N M C plz :)?
  7. I think they need to make it up to 50 mil tbh and only 1 person can win every 2 weeks
  8. Stellar is currently doing a Promo on the Application that is available tor IOS and Android also Web Platform is giving away who ever Signs Up on that app , goodluck
  9. Kattana

    Grid 2 Free

    i cant get it ?
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