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  1. @Wilco Since the last forum update i keep having problems with my forum account , see i have my Forum Profile Synced with Steam and everytime i click Sign in just says with red Something Went Wrong Please Try Again. I dont know if anyone has the same problem or is it just me i need to click like 14 times to log on to my Forum Account lol.
  2. Both CTRL keys not working windows 10.

    Its not the game , the PC itself has a Windows 10 hardware problem that disables both CTRL keys , ive tried many solutions none of them works i might change back to Win8 soon if it keeps doing like this...
  3. Both CTRL keys not working windows 10.

    @Zeito mate sorry about late response and i still have the same problem even tho i got a new keyboard i tried to change drivers for it but its still the same :(
  4. PC Randomly Shutting Down

    @Soapy Windows 10?

    I mean with a head like that is not that hard to miss LOOOOOOL
  6. Romly, Womble, Nathan - [Dunas Douradas]

    @Romly Did you upload the James Bond Montage at the RBA ? If yes pm me i wanna see it & nice video @CI LastNickLeft

    it was a clickbait aah this is my PUBG Montage i did but i couldnt post it bcs i had a 2 week break from the forums :)
  8. UNMC

    Hello everyone this is just a demonstration on how to make a UNMC forum application 😂😂😂
  9. Hello everyone im having this problem with my keyboard for 4 days now , ive tried multiple keyboards and its not fixing it both CTRL keys not working did anyone had the same problem as me if you could help me i would really appreciate it :P
  10. Kattana/AMW

    Hello everyone im Kattana i have been in this community since January and i have enjoyed my time here , i know there has been alot of complainings about my gang and myself but me as an old member of AMW ill do my best to work on the gang and fix the reputation we already started making gang rules and warning people that are part of AMW we have so many new members that joined recently this past 2 months , we are a gang that always give people chances and someone to play with but this seems like is giving us some bad reputation but everyone and everything can change , i would like to apologize in the name of the AMW to everyone that we have been rude to and i would love to thank @Oliver V2 who gave me a warning on the day i got back on the server when my RP was pure shit! But it didnt take to long and i got banned on my own stupidity because all i did is go around and try to cause gunfights it was my fault that i didn't update myself with the rules on the server when i came back. Please dont take this like im getting attention to get unbanned no thats not the point , my point is to apologize to people like @TCK Matt @Oliver V2 for what i did that day , thats all from me and i hope there will be no problems like this in the future Kattana.
  11. Fresh Economy?

    -1 You will not expect that much players then!
  12. RPUK Player Unknown Battlegrounds Tournament

    +1 this is a good suggestion I definitely like it!
  13. Cops can rob people?

    Wait what! I dont understand now did he say hes gonna rob you? Huuuh?
  14. Selling MXM 6.5 mm

    an MK1 Emr and 3 Baked Beans??