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  1. Found the problem it isn't hardware it is a software virus type it basically goes through does all graphics checks and forces it to fail on one of them it is quite commen with new hard drives and can be a major problem sometimes but sorting it out thanks for all the help and from others
  2. What is the ram and hi would I do this
  3. Started a ne wyoutube gonna do Altus life uk police like so if you like go hit it up Maddog4hd



  4. Sounds silly but I am not very good with computers as this is my first what do you mean by change ram
  5. Thankyou @Samatlewis
  6. If anybody could advise me on this I have a problem with my pic where a blue screen shows up and shows this error code after that happened a few times it happened again but with a really loud eeeer noise and the screen was green pixelated then it happened again but screen went full red if anybody could advise me that would be great
  7. Awesome video mate nice introduction as well :)
  8. Was a good patrol funny tho that guy
  9. Does anybody think that having an altos plane transport from like 1 part to another so like having a business of somebody doing it like the taxi but faster?

    1. Ali Barber

      Ali Barber

      That was British Airways, but that is gone.

      Ugandan Airlines was a thing that did kinda that, but i don't think its anything anymore sadly.

      Sorry, usually you can find a kind man to give you a lift to areas of the map or you can start one yourself, make up some documents and land near Kavala etc and advertise your availability :D

    2. Alex Jackson

      Alex Jackson

      BA did this previously, and as you'd imagine, it's now gone.

  10. The comments back still didn't explain where I sign up to be a youth police officer how do I sig up

    1. Mattch


      Just fill in the application as normal,

      It's all explained here:


    2. DSGT Fergus

      DSGT Fergus

      First, you make a Police Application here: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/forms/5-altis-police-application/

      Then, if you are accepted, you will have an interview in the Police Recruitment Office. If you pass that, you do a couple of YR tests with feedback from SGT +. If you do well on that, you will do your FTT and be a PCSO. Basically: Application --> Interview --> YR Test --> Normal tests.
      If you are not sure what something means, you can comment on it. You don't need to make a completely new status update about it.