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  1. the situation went bad but why would i combat log over an mx i have a fair bit of money my game crashed the bad rp was because my fps was gioing crazy and i was just a little triggereed about the officer not valueing his life but i mean i just got a bit salty and i know it sounds like i did combat log but ive shown the type of crash report it is lots of people know about when you tab out i promise you the badf rp will never happen again and i will not ever give poor rp
  2. Sorry i was locked out my account wouldnt let me log in i couldnt find the crash report from that one put it looks like this https://gyazo.com/14862d1f71c2e4f9fc22d05312ce0c04 my game froze and stopped so i had to task manager it as it was stuck on freeze and i couldnt tab out thats the message i got i really promise to you i didnt combat log my game honestly crashed i love playing on this server and miss it loads i promise i didnt combat log and i did not combat log my game crashed and i swear that i didnt combat log this server is the only serious rp server that is any good please just can you beleive me on this my game honestly crashed to the point my mate said in chat it crahsed and i was coming back
  3. I’ll try find crash report but I’ve recently broke handband haven’t been on pc
  4. I know but it’s not classes as a crash I don’t think as my game just froze and I have already stated the rules I brought me up above what more do you want
  5. i know i showed low rp but my mate can even back me up my game crashed he even sent a note ingame saying i would come back it seems hard to believe i get that but its true i love this server and dont see why i would combat log infront of an admin if i was that stupid i wouldnt be able to type this its more just common sense i promise to you that the rule broke of 2.5 was not what i did my game crashed there is no way of me proving it if you do not beleive me then there will be no way of me getting unbanned and will keep fighting my point because all i did was my game crashed and my mate even sent a note what mnore evidence shall i give and yes i am standing by my game crash as its true where was the poor rp at the start our initiation was fine and the video probably shows the second part of initiation because we already had a pcso with his hands up and the video shown to me doesnt show that so it isnt very clear if the video in whole was reviewed from when our boxer roled up would help
  6. (2.5) Combat logging combat logging is where in a situation that isnt going your way necessarily you will dc or close your game so you are removed from the situation baring in mind my game crashed tho
  7. In-game Name Daniel Lincon Steam ID 76561198357412539 The date of your ban. 14/05/18 Member of the team that banned you. Ram Reason given for your ban. Combat Log The Server you initially were banned on. Server 1 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned. I was banned because my game crashed My friend and i haed iniated on the 2 officers it didnt go to plan we eneded being dead and me in restraints the officer ram has the video and in it my fps was very bad i couldnt see my screen and it was all frozen i got my fps back and was in restraints i then had a message on teamspeak and read it whilst tabbing back into my game its froze and didnt unfreeze so i had to restart arma my friend sent a note saying my game crahsed i came on rpuk ts and tried to send ram a message i logged back on the game and i was banned for combat log. Why should we unban you ? I think you should unban me as this was not my fault my game crashed and my mate even said i would come back but no i was banned in doing so i dfont want to get banned on this server i believe its a very good server and feel i was banned unfairly and it was a bad decision from ram i think that i didnt do anything as my game crashed i tried to resolve it with ram but he refused to come speak to me in a channel of support i spoke to anothert staff lead he said he would speak with ram but ram wouldnt speak to me in a channel dont know whetehr this means anything but thats why i should be unbanned. Please confirm this unban request is for you. Yes I have read and understand the unban appeal process Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe for your appeal. Yes Before you submit this form please confirm you have fully read the rules click here Yes if you need further talk in teamspeak i will come in and speak
  8. Just a quick one from me 

    If anyone is interested in starting up a gang I have a few ideas for names and recruiting and mainly what we are going to do if you are interested just message me and when we get 4 or 5 people who want to start it we can strive hard to make the group 

    1. maddog4


      Also we have a few allies and enemies one of the enemies being pc Freddie who has put me in jail multiple times if you here his name he is a threat to us 

  9. Just a question if anyone could answer would be great could an intel 15 7500 run with an ht3.0 gigabyte motherboard 

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    2. maddog4


      I have the mobo and yeh I do mean i5 I'm quite new to computer gaming so I'm bit unsure

    3. Zeito


      ok no worries - do this for me - download this, run it and put a screenshot of it up here, theat'll tell me what mobo you have.

    4. maddog4


      Okay sound I'm on phone ATM so will do it later 

  10. Found the problem it isn't hardware it is a software virus type it basically goes through does all graphics checks and forces it to fail on one of them it is quite commen with new hard drives and can be a major problem sometimes but sorting it out thanks for all the help and from others
  11. What is the ram and hi would I do this
  12. Started a ne wyoutube gonna do Altus life uk police like so if you like go hit it up Maddog4hd



  13. Sounds silly but I am not very good with computers as this is my first what do you mean by change ram
  14. Thankyou @Samatlewis
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