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  1. There was a lot riding on that race!
  2. The recipes for crafting at the underground factory look to not have to been updated to suit the available materials on Malden. Suggestion to swap: Plastic sheet > Copper Ingot Steel Ingot > Iron Ingot
  3. Poseidon's Shift to Malden [17/07/2021] Poseidon has been around on Altis for just over 3 years at this point, for a faction that was rumored to last no longer than a few months we’ve done well. We got introduced to the island in a very different time to the current state of the server. We had a rocky start as many expected but we eventually grew to strengths we didn’t know would be possible at the start. Our new adventure to Malden will again be a rocky start. There will be many changes, some of which will be outlined below, that will to some extent drastically change our stance and gameplay. We’d like to deeply thank everyone that has followed us through this time on Altis and hope we can bring that passion and activity forward as we make our way onto Malden. RP Story As the island of Altis turned into an abandoned ruin, people started looking for new prospects. The potential of the new possibilities left people divided. The three brothers watched from afar as hostility between the families, that were once partnered for so long, rose. Slowly they saw that the three strong families, Triton, Orion and Atlas, once united under the Poseidon banner, were splitting up in two camps. Watching the downfall became too much for one of the brothers, George Harris Poseidon, who decided that instead of moving to Malden and watching Poseidon change so much, he would spend his remaining time on the island he grew up on, Altis. Saying goodbye to his brothers, George Harris Poseidon stayed in Pyrgos with his family and retired on the coastline with a small fishing boat to keep him occupied. Emotions came to a boil during a final meeting before the move to Malden and a line was drawn. Ideology split the families, with one half wanting to keep working in the drug business and expanding the trade on Malden. The other half wanted to disregard the drug trade and focus other ventures. Poseidon as a cartel has been divided, with only the Poseidon brothers still holding on to the pieces of its old glory. New camps arose, named after Greek gods Zeus and Hades, with the old Poseidon capos watching from afar. The Zeus family wields its power in trade. The Hades family grows their wealth with drugs. Where they once fought side by side, alliances now keep shifting. Often the two new families are at odds with one another. The only ones that can bring them together are the Poseidon brothers, but more often than not even they fail and watch the families argue and fight. Downsizing The shift to Malden will mean a significant downsizing in the amount of players we will be allowed to have within the faction. This is not a change we asked for or wanted rather a requirement for the shift to Malden. This will mean that not everyone who is currently within the faction will have a position waiting on the other side. We have to adjust. This is not a comfortable decision for us to make, everyone who has been in Poseidon is here as you’ve shown commitment to the faction, even through these trying times and it’s greatly appreciated. Without everyone we couldn’t have achieved everything we have. Structure Above is the eventual expected structure of Poseidon. Due to time restrictions we are going to start with one family “Hades”. The name has been picked as another generic choice from greek mythology that is simple enough to pronounce. With the eventual expected structure each family will consist of 10-15 members split into separate groups that will have separate goals on the island. To ensure we have something up and running that can be built on for the release of Malden we are looking to merge these families to one until the second family can find it’s eventual purpose. The above is the running structure until the second family is introduced. This is not a direct representation of available slots, rather a visual guide. Families Our plan in the future is to introduce a second family but first we need to come up with a viable reason for them to exist. As a result we will be leading with one family to begin with and in the future once a second family's purpose can be established we will move forward and expand. Hades will keep a drug based focus this will be the mainstay of what we do on the island as we have no plans to move away from our cartel roots. Zeus however is still very much up for discussion. Family structure will still be in place and our ranking system is being adjusted to compensate. Hades The day to day of the Hades family (currently the entire faction) will consist of drug related activities, fairly akin to what Poseidon has been used to. Our main focus will surround benefiting the existing drug runs on Malden. The proposal that has been put forward to development, and that is currently being worked through, would be to allow Hades members to ‘fertilise’ the existing drug fields. This would be done by requiring members to complete a ‘run’ to obtain this fertiliser. Collect some raw material and take it to a processing location, this item could then be used to buff the output of a field for a given time period providing then a high grade version of the field items. Any civilians that picked up these high grade equivalents would then be able to process them at the standard required processor and sell at the eventual selling location for an increased price (~+50%). The ‘fertiliser run’ is focused on buffing the fields however we are looking to have a more simple addition called ‘Poseidon Training’ that when given to a civilian will allow them to process items faster for the duration of that restart. (Similar to our existing pass system but will be required to be purchased from a Cartel member). This will mainly focus on roleplay interactions that allow Poseidon members to help out friendly players on the island with making money / doing runs. Together with the above, it has been proposed that a general perk to being within the Hades family will bring increased revenue to all drugs sold by members, scaling with rank. Starting at around 5% and increasing to closer to 30% as you climb the ranks. This is a benefit to encourage rank progression as well as a general perk for being in the faction. We will still of course have all of our interactions that are outside of development requirements. Things such as offering to protect people doing a run for a fee etc. George Harris Poseidon @George Harris So, after over 3 years since I started Poseidon with the other Barons and Capos, my time has come to step down from my role as Capo. Over the last few years I have seen just over 900 people join the faction and I hope that during this time Poseidon has been an escape for you and you have been able to enjoy yourselves. I want to thank you all for making my time enjoyable in Poseidon, something which wouldn't have happened without the 'characters' in Poseidon. For a faction that was told we'd be gone after 6 months I am proud of what it has become and look forward to watching Poseidon continue in the safe hands of the Poseidon Command. For now I am going to be remaining on Altis, with my trusty fishing boat and look forward to seeing how Poseidon evolves on Malden. FAQ / Q&A Below are some of the FAQs from an internal Q&A we have had ongoing for the past few days. Are we still going to be classed as a faction? The current plan is that we will be using civilian slots but will still be classed as a faction. From our understanding we will have a separate gang type from normal civs that will only be available to us. (Cartel or similar). Will we still control lands? We don’t expect to have lands but expect to have family compounds. Will there be Uniforms and if so are they still the same basic ArmA non skinned ones? We are taking a different route, generally we will be looking to blend in as civs, in civ clothing. What has been discussed is that we would keep a uniform, currently the texture that is on the existing stealth suits. This likely will change in the future. This would only be used where we intend to be noticed. We also hope to still have the Poseidon logo above our characters together with hopefully still a specific item of clothing that is only obtainable by Poseidon members i.e. Red Beret. Who has to reapply? Basically, everyone who will not be notified otherwise. At present there will not be a formal interview / training process so if we know you and we want you you’ll be re-added. If you’re left without a reply, this could just mean at this stage we are either too full / not accepting further applicants or your application was unsuccessful. Is there a reason why unsuccessful applicants will not be notified? Your application is making it known that you would like to join the Cartel. Different from our existing situation we will have limited numbers, with this not everyone, even if they are a solid member to have, can join immediately on Malden. With this if we were to just go through and deny everyone’s application that doesn’t fit immediately they may feel that they are not worthy etc. If and when slots open up again we can then re-look at existing applications and pick from that list and approach them to get an understanding if they are still interested in Poseidon. For applications that are clearly not up to part these will still be supplied with a denied response however it’s fair to say if you are currently in Poseidon then your application generally would be considered just maybe not in this first wave. What factor decides the removal of current Poseidon members / Why are members getting removed? Malden is a much smaller map and development is keen to not have large groups. So are restricting sizes of all gangs and the “OPFOR” faction means we will not have room for everyone to rejoin. We would have liked nothing more than to have had everyone transition to Malden but that is simply not possible. Will we try to keep our weekly Meetings? Yes, we will be playing this one by ear but in general expect Sunday meetings to still be a thing however with the stripped down members we will likely forgo the family meetings and just have a main meeting at 8pm for the time being. Will there be Specialist Units? Specialised units are not part of the initial roll out due to the vision for the server at current. These may be implemented over the coming weeks as we get a feel for the island. If we are to be invited into a gang before any whitelisting happens does that mean we will not be able to have our other gangs outside of Poseidon. Our stance on external gang related activities is going to have to change. We do not have the player base to support allowing people to not be participating with Poseidon activities when online. Moving forward, if you’re in the faction then that’s it. Thank you all for all your efforts over our time on Altis, Poseidon has had to adjust to the shifting landscape and balance. Hope to see you all in our new home. Regards, Poseidon Command.
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  6. Calm down sunshine, even George killed you 3 times. 40 vs 25 with cops having a far closer spawn. Nothing more needs to be said.
  7. Only this sad sack would take out a speedboat minigun solo to a fight after getting shotgunned to death
  8. Sounded person around?.. bit of a joke when you are trying to start drama on the forums. This shows your true colours. Pretty clear that you were not blacklisted for that now is it. Wise up.
  9. Used to think you were sound and reasonable and after all your time in Poseidon I expected better. Peace out Wong, don't try to appeal your now instated blacklist.
  10. So does the trusty spreadsheet.. sort of..
  11. 1+ him Norman and make an android app..
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