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  1. Give Poseidon Taser bullets and you'll be spending a lot of time on the ground..
  2. @Jolly Has the clap, well done!

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      Clapped clapper with the clap 😉

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      Shepherd Kingston

      What have I contribuited to ... 🤔

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  3. @Qrow Lookin a bit thicc

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      image.png.a00d484a564cc550ededeb04bd590274.pngslimmed down, hit the gym hard.
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  4. Calm down sunshine, even George killed you 3 times. 40 vs 25 with cops having a far closer spawn. Nothing more needs to be said.
  5. Raptor

    Border Wars

    I fear you grossly underestimate how much of our interactions occur around the north eastern section of our land.
  6. Raptor

    Border Wars

    In an ideal world what you have proposed would make sense and I would agree however every time any soft cap has been implemented with the server has been abused and is impossible to monitor. I simply do not trust either side to stick to those numbers, this would have to be hard capped in some way, possibly bringing down max police numbers to match Poseidon's 25 for that restart would suffice.
  7. Raptor

    Border Wars

    I am in agreement that this suggestion would definitely add a refreshing new dynamic to the server, however as it stands on your current mock-up the potential losses and gains are heavily out of balance. These would need to be worked through regarding general populous activity within those respective areas and how much land is gained/lost. Red and Green as proposed, Poseidon potential loss ridiculous compared to potential gain. This would have to be adjusted to something like the below to: - If Red is Pot. Loss then Orange Pot. Gain. - If Blue is Pot. Loss then Green Pot. Gain.
  8. Only this sad sack would take out a speedboat minigun solo to a fight after getting shotgunned to death
  9. Sounded person around?.. bit of a joke when you are trying to start drama on the forums. This shows your true colours. Pretty clear that you were not blacklisted for that now is it. Wise up.
  10. Used to think you were sound and reasonable and after all your time in Poseidon I expected better. Peace out Wong, don't try to appeal your now instated blacklist.
  11. So does the trusty spreadsheet.. sort of..
  12. 1+ him Norman and make an android app..
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