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  1. MrKen

    Selling Barn

    Damn that’s a good deal !
  2. hmu we’ll discuss the price.
  3. MrKen

    Win Some Money

    @Marty McFly @Mark_02 yes mark pay him back lmao jk
  4. Made this a while back its a 3D model of the NHS logo.
  5. tried to solve this cipher but failed
  6. you and i are the same on that one
  7. MrKen

    Barn Issues

    That’s true keep getting this sometimes pls fix
  8. Barn prices at this moments are between 30 - 40 mil but i would suggest you be cautious when buying one there’s a lot of scammers.
  9. give this man a barn
  10. Saccar is probably like this after he dealt with all of this bullshit
  11. MrKen

    Any barns?

    Still looking for a barn be sure to msg me if you're selling
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