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  1. Good luck to you pal. I remember you from back in the day. Its a shame you're going.
  2. Vehicle: Aston Martin Vanquish Current Speed (If applicable): 95 (struggles to get there) no acceleration New Speed (If applicable): 140-160 Mph
  3. Hello, My Aston Martin Vanquish has been very very slow for quite some time now, (it used to be quite fast) there is also no acceleration and the top speed is about 95mph, at a push (down hill) you can get it to just over 100. This car is a V12 5.9 Litre twin turbo with horsepower of 565BHP and i really think its been incorrectly rated in FiveM and is so slow, I know this isn't real life but the car used to be such a good car and now its a waste of time to drive. Also is fully upgraded. Below are the specs of the actual engine. The Vanquish used an upgraded version of Aston Martin's 5.9-litre AM11 V12 engine called the AM28 with a power output of 573 PS (421 kW; 565 hp) at 6,750 rpm and torque of 620 N⋅m (457 lb⋅ft) at 5,500 rpm. The Vanquish can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.1 seconds, and has a top speed of 295 km/h (183 mph). Thanks for taking the time to look at this. Dave.
  4. Happy Birthday to the one and only @Robbiehappy birthday GIF

    1. Robbie


      Thanks dave 🙂

  5. If only the strip dance was allowed to continue. hilarious. great video!
  6. Even when on Tiktok somehow you pop up 😂😂 https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJhTKXp8/

  7. Could the gta server be more biased in the police's favour? I think not...


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    2. SALV


      Daves upset cause he's older than me and @YoCo


      Happy 46th Birthday Dave. 🎂🍺🥳

    3. Stealthee


      I have sort of merged some of your points but hopefully this answers your concerns to some of the points

      The jail issue: would be best resolved by raising a point to the city council or to to the IOPC via their form where they can look and advise the police on best practise, I know police are actively looking at standardising jail stuff, as well as developement (Dan) is looking at jail stuff, to make jail a decent place to be if you are sent there rather than a square tab out watch youtube room. EG: Perks for being there, different routes, money making etc. Essentially a mini game in of itself


      Police vehicle speeds and speeds across the board are being actively looked at this was actually requested to be looked at by police command
      - changes are already on the dev servers (Was changed yesterday) and will be there for next update, there are over 800 vehicles in gta, we can't just fix this overnight, but next update majority of police cars are getting a nerf and specialist traffic cars will be the only few ppolice cars able to get to those high end speeds



      The damage multiplier is something I asked for feedback on as we knew it would need changes based on feedback, and got jackshit response for from the community, raising stuff in discord etc if it has been mentioned likely wont get seen nor actioned unless on the suggestion area. I have just actioned an increase to the damage to the police/emg vehicles - we will see how this affects driving etc



      We have just brought on 2 new developers to help us out and the stuff they have in the works is directed at the civilian population! Once Dan gets back we are having a meeting on how to best develop for the server and make sure everyone moves forward as one eg: certain devs focusing on certain areas etc - meeting dependant


      I'll never restrict how many police to civs there are, people can roleplay as they wish hopefully with the above point this will balance in time


      Police equipment is likely always going to be better as they have that government funding, we are looking at a banking change which means there is budgets for factions/groups which will stop 4000 smgs being pulled out in a single week etc, and they can internally manage that budget etc, not sure yet we will discuss

    4. Romly


      u need to find the bludclart Goldilocks speed of the Police cars, at the start they where crap and could be outrun by a sit on lawnmower, now they're too fast. Just search up the top speed of the fukin car and set it to that! Davie is right, why the fuck is the Ford Focus focus doing 250. loada shit

  8. I'll put in 3 mil. Just let me know when you want it.
  9. It's happened to me a few times. Ended up on spawn island with no way of respawning. I don't do undercover tbh
  10. I'm an idiot. Disregard. Plz delete this.

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    Has it really been this long?



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  12. Hope everyone has had a great Christmas and hope you all have a great new Year.

  13. To be fair i didn't have much chance to check my surroundings it all happened very quickly, I don't know who is involved or not. And me saying I'm pulling it for protection If it goes south means if i start getting shot at then i can try and protect myself etc. Like i said i wouldn't just open fire unless there was no other option for any rp to continue. And no, not annoyed i didn't get to shoot first, like i said i would rather have a chat to people. I was annoyed at the poor rp.
  14. OK, so here's my input it took all of 7 seconds from me exiting my vehicle to being dead on the floor. You say I shouldn't of pulled my weapon? as soon as i hear the words ''right officers'' or words to that effect this its automatic for me to pull my weapon to try and protect myself as to be quite honest I'm sick of dying every 2 mins and this is happening far too often for an rp server. This was very poor RP from your side and hopefully you can understand this from the video and can agree this was not the quality that is expected here ,There was no hostile RP before this, as Busterguy was talking to us on ts and said that there were a couple people with weapons and a few officers down from a car crash. if it was hostile do you really think i would of pulled right up to you for a chat? If you are going to initiate, at least give chance for people to make a decision and talk to you. If I pull a weapon, that doesn't mean I'm going to shoot you, I am pulling it for protection, so if the situation goes south, at least I can try and defend myself and fellow officers. I would much rather have a chat with someone have a laugh and have some enjoyable rp than always entering in to a hostile situation, again if i wanted to be hostile then i would of made it known. Bottom line is, i'm fed up of this happening so much and its very frustrating and would cause people to stay out of your way rather than wanting people to get involved in any kind of rp with you and your group etc. Im not here to get people banned, more so to educate and hopefully enjoy some quality rp that is after all why we are all here?
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