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  1. judging that this is the Altis connection thing No mods just arma click on search filters just type "roleplay.co.uk" if is for fivem see above
  2. reasons 101 Stealthee should look at my group proposal will solve this (when he has time ofc)
  3. the thing when locking up it still says to Rob but we lock it and "search" it gaining nothing
  4. Nice bug report so uh what's the issue?
  5. Chilli

    Respawn Bug

    so it's like the bug of ziptied at hospital but this one spawns you on the spot idk if the spawning at hospital ziptied was fixed but if it was this may have been caused by the fix
  6. Chilli

    Respawn Bug

    when you respawned was you in zipties soon as it looks like this is a offbread of bug where you woke up at hospital with ccuffs on still
  7. Chilli

    Respawn Bug

    in regards to this Norman it happened to @TheCapagain Tuesday morning he was in same circumstances of in cuffs but was at hospital
  8. I'll be careful Maxim might have to execute you know for using that hunter as a weapon ahaha This is a joke Mr Maxim do not take offense
  9. wait usually people have birthdays so Drew is Usual

    Have a great day

    1. Drew


      Oh dear... hahahaha cheers 

  10. also @Jasonwhere is their height info? I wanna call simon 4 and only 2 ft tall
  11. i love that "SImon Ross ATLAS" but also just "Greeny"
  12. big thing here is how hard it is to get any of them with most police on duty being probationaries. None of that they can do except radio and chase at 100mph Helis work great but require 2 people trained for it or 1 able to do good coms and been in heli before. Ars there is like 30 out of all 170. Spike strips only traffic can use right now. Most of the time Frontline respond to a incident and unless a NPAS heli or Interceptor is already there we get a "And theyve driven off at over 200" While yes we have a lot NPAS Heli is useless following a car if no one can catch them. Spike s
  13. thing is we have a car designed for this but most getaway cars go 200+
  14. Hello maybe some more info would be helpful like take a screenshot or recording of what F8 menu says when connecting
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