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  1. what is wrong with paleto and not liking walls lol
  2. Chilli

    House bug

    what they mean is if a door is unlocked you can't use windows key to break in and then break into storage
  3. unsure I know at that time and I think still there is no indication between closing and stealing for police. however never tried dropingrf radios
  4. at the moment the only difference is what buildings you can buy and upgrades in said building like what the rebel shop stocks. But could change in half an hour
  5. monsters Inc cuz who do nest love a oldie
  6. For GDPR / Account deletion requests, send an email to email@roleplay.co.uk ideally from the e-mail that this account was created from. If you no longer have access to the email used to create this account then additional verification / proof of account ownership may be required. (This is from a staff lead to someone who asked before)
  7. where was my daily leak yesterday 😞

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    2. The Bearish Crusader

      The Bearish Crusader

      What about todays Malden leak then? xD


    3. sciencefreak74


      There'll be a daily Malden leak today yes

    4. Sau



      My mans straight up playing us like a damn fiddle

  8. already get moaned at for that too /me is strictly for rp been told
  9. I know what I have to do but I don't know if I have the strength to do it
  10. or just sell to people on foot Selling to cars should be slower not everyone is gonna open their window makes sense you miss some
  11. was recently removed
  12. can supplied cars be the burger car?
  13. use reset weapon wheel command should temp fix for now
  14. Quick download all the great altis life unlisted videos don't let history die



  15. illegal client ones can be as like you said some things may bag causing anti cheat to think hacks. Same as some games and swings where they make you move to fast thinking hacks. However his was exploiting so some staff member did that so that's not false
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