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  1. add to watch list and fts is under Aircraft and its next target
  2. https://gyazo.com/3de2c6f59a155ce714e4b165eb1592b3 I am unable to move profile banner photo on most up to date google chrome
  3. Still the loudest scream in awhile @Kez @Marty Atlas
  4. You can literally see the disgust in my gesture disclaimer I am the one hiding behind hand Joe is picking ass
  5. I do not if i get on before end of day ill add but if not no i do not and believe @Blake Aand pehonix are the only other people able to get it out on live server to show
  6. banned for doing "/e asspick" when @VeikkQtook a photo of meeting
  7. The NHS MD902 Explorer takes petrol rather than jet fuel (also it has no lights on font yet model has them on it)
  8. banned for not helping that monster of a car purchase
  9. should definitely do them on different days of the week if do them often. allows more people who may be busy specific days to show off their maybe rare cars etc
  10. phone pictures are stored on imgur. You can get a link by sending to a friend and it'll show in their notifications as link so they can tell you. Same as posting pics on tweedle you need to post image link same as pfp
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