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  1. Well after a long day on a ride along with police, many misadventures happened. Started off with me being brutally attacked by a car courtesy of @Abdool 

    Later ended up going to Kavala where we met up with @Ponty. To say the least it a was a pleasurable little time we had sat along the coast, definitely not doing anything involving music.

    Then met a lovely gentlemen named Astrocytomas. A hobo in Kavala with 2  million and willing to share it in a game of Simon says lasting for 45 minuets with @Nosey @CI Wolfy @Alfred Wilson.

    Overall I think a 6 hour ride along was quite successful meeting old and new friends along the way. 

    1. Nosey


      I had a lot of fun! Can't believe you managed to stay with us for 6 hours haha.

  2. Soooo in the case of a couple of hours I get pulled over by @Ponty @Shuttlefor speeding, admit to drugs, texting, having an 'MK1'- get my drug dealer to come to them in a sting operation and end with a big sing song to get out of jail. I then go and assist a stopping a fuel station robbery but backfired as my gun was taken off me. Needless to say I accidentally found it in the back of the police car so I was pretty happy. Then just down the road I see @General Dave Seshhead and Kai, brutally spread across the floor waiting for a medic after a car crash. A hobo turns up and attempts to execute the cops, but not on my watch; A squad of 10 Psychos turn up in the helicopter and chase off the hobo, ending up with him no longer being with us. Finally I headed to the police station to report some crimes to @INS Jammy. When I say some, it was rather a lot. From me being sold a dodgy car to the PCSO's head blinding me, he professionally dealt with each crime as I gave them to him. Overall I met and helped some very nice cops. Amidst all of this terrorist malarkey I was able to have some great RP and save some Cops lives. Great work from these cops and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

    1. Ponty


      Glad you enjoyed it! That'll teach your dealer for charging you £200k for a ten bag!

    2. General Dave

      General Dave

      Good job SDAR man, Thanks for saving us from the helmet squad :)

    3. INS Jammy

      INS Jammy

      very glad I got to enjoy RPing with you and the detectives are on your case and I am sure there will find the story about your red truck. And hopefully get your money back. :)

  3. Ahh glad were a friendly bunch @Mecidon - Psychos are recruiting find us on teamspeak @Riku. I will defiantly be trying to get my hand on thes convoy. Need some free gear XD
  4. use windows key at the respray yards around and you must have 2500 to do it. This thread is 2 years old and they have been fixed @CInsp James TraversXD
  5. Yay. Mom I'm on TV!!!
  6. New Josh and Silvertitan were bad role models XD. At least you experienced some free flight :).
  7. Commander VekikkQ had us all lined up and ready for duty XD
  8. Enjoying the £10 million for repairing my car!!! XD

    1. Miiiikkel


      You better spend them wisely

    2. Ozzycazy


      lmao, sure am!

  9. TS

    Click your account drop down menu on top left of the screen and click account settings. Then there should be an option for Display Name. There it will allow you to change your profile name. You are able to change your name 3 times in 90 days and you may have to fulfill some criteria first before you can change it. This will be on the Display Name page.
  10. TS

    You can either right click your name when connected to change your name, or if you want to set it permanently to that, you have to bookmark the ts server. Once you have done that, click manage bookmarks and click roleplay.co.uk then a box should say nickname and write Jack Nixon there. Hope this helps you :)
  11. You guessed correctly XD
  12. Good thing medics were already there!!
  13. What else would you rather be doing at 3:00 am on a Saturday than running away from a Bush Wookie for an hour and a half. Some of the crazy and funny RP we had over the 90mins was great and for all of us to keep up up that long wa great. @Robbie (Cant tag the rest?) Excuse the poor editing. When it takes 4 hours to upload and you find a mistake you eventually give up :)
  14. Dont think so, video is embedded https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FULJeOP7NxU
  15. Next Episode :)