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  1. Can you test if this is still an issue - I believe Stealthee fixed this on stream
  2. Had a few people ask this question. We are enquiring about ways for the court to process name changes (e.g after weddings)
  3. Yeah not sure, I know @Stealtheehad put a block on gang members buying them back in April
  4. Woah some of those scenes are almost identical to the finale of a hit tv show!
  5. A reminder to go out and cast your vote in the UK local elections today.

    Local councils, Police & Crime Commissioners and Mayors can and do have real impact on your towns and cities - if you are eligible to vote, use it!

  6. Norman

    Respawn Bug

    Can anyone else confirm if this has happened to them and date/time?
  7. Can anyone else confirm if turtle fishing is still an issue?
  8. @BRANDONGETME Can you confirm if Jason's solution resolves this issue
  9. Assigned issue ref #66 Thanks for reporting
  10. @IICRAIGIV2 do you run any visual mods which could cause this issue as Jason suggested?
  11. Assigned issue ref #65 Thanks for reporting
  12. Assigned issue ref #64 Thanks for reporting
  13. @DELETERAssigned issue #63 @Bon_shua Thanks for reporting
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