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  1. Being stranded would be less of an issue if
  2. *adds 1 further count of murder to 30 year sentence* Can’t believe they’ve let you loose on the RoleplayUK YouTube
  3. Hello Norman, the king of bug reports!

  4. Image has disappeared from NCA / Court hotline on the phone app
  5. Texting character comes through to players other character if online
  6. If you backspace out / cancel sending a text or tweet it sends 'Message text' anyway
  7. Bank app on phone - doesn't display balance until you make a transaction
  8. You are unable to type a dash -- in the middle of phone numbers so you need to add them to your contacts first
  9. Dear Citizens of San Andreas, We are pleased to say that we have re-opened applications for additional Judges. Current Legal Overview As you may remember, we managed to recruit a small core team in October who have helped structure and design a flexible system that has enabled us to try out different types and methods of court-hearing within Los Santos. The legal system at present can be split into some core components: Providing Legal Advice & Attending Police Interviews (Solicitors liaise with police at the station) Appealing Prison Senten
  10. Norman

    Server wide event page

    Good idea Until then could might just need to post in https://www.roleplay.co.uk/forum/20-community-chat/
  11. I like it as it is, it makes it difficult to tell who is an NPC and who's an actual gang member
  12. No it isn't. This suggestion is us trying to plead for a reconsideration of the original suggestion, (which you told me yesterday you didn't read!!) Well the fact that there isn't NPC cars on Altis is probably a big factor... As far as a few of us have testing, all NPC cars are locked. The ones you've found parked might have been lockpicked already. However this would be a good suggestion as @Shepherd Kingston said above. (I also completely agree that changing the garages would be an awful idea) I don't think this is the solution. Changing the
  13. Norman

    Panic Button Change

    From a medic point of view, it's already difficult enough with them not being able to see where we are for assistance through blips anymore
  14. And that's completely fine, I'm not going to have a big debate about it since In under 24 hours we have 30+ people that agree. All we are asking is that the original suggestion can be implemented as per the fairly reasonable conditions Stealthee stated (a % of cars are unlocked) People in this thread have made other fantastic suggestions that I think could also work. I'd suggest we take a minute to remember new players. As many people have recognised, there's areas in the new-joiner-experience that could definitely be improved. I think this change has made it significantly harder f
  15. There's an ongoing discussion about how best to get around this issue (a limitation of Google Drive) A few potential workarounds were brought up last night that I'm sure Ciaran will investigate when he gets chance
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