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  1. In the Development teams defence, it's not been patched irl yet either
  2. (This could be client or fivem side, if so reject this) When trying to set keybinds to animations it will only ever allow you to set the key's from the screenshot. For example i am unable to bind NUM1 NUM2 NUM3. When you have binded one of the available keys, it will still show up on the list of available keys. Essentially you will only ever see the keys shown in the screenshot no matter the situation.
  3. After losing the final 2% of fat on my body, i am finally embracing my life as a skeleton. Please support me during this difficult time. 

    1. Brick Carstein

      Brick Carstein

      A gallon of milk has been shiped to your house

  4. Considering he could of played the guitar or the bongo drums, i have mad respect for the man on stage who decided to whip out an ol' bottle of jack to entertain the crowd
  5. @Stealthee The obvious solution would be rent that can only be payed a month in advance to avoid people going AFK for 3 months
  6. Banjo Jo when he makes his debut on FiveM 

    1. Simon Ross

      Simon Ross

      If he starts playing fiveM I might just have to load it up again 

    2. Banjo Jo

      Banjo Jo

      Is it good roleplay over there or like semi-serious? I might go FiveM. 

      Taxi driver 3D Printer Banjo Jo 😎

      Buddy get in taxi now or I will shotgun your face

    3. Bone Topick

      Bone Topick

      If you are one on one with someone you will get good RP, if you are in a group it will just be everyone chatting shit, punching, driving vehicles into you. 

  7. Needing a partner who knows his way round a vessel, Former CMPU @Sonder agrees to teams up with the new CMPU Bone Topick to help stress test his new 'Boat Training'.





    1. Snuffles


      I should know my way around a vessel.

    2. Stick3rz


      Who put Sonder in charger of a test? Not good

    3. Sonder


      WHAT? Forgery! Fake news! 

  8. Can't even pay people to roleplay here anymore
  9. Taking about 15 hobos of all shapes and sizes from Kavala to southern checkpoint was certainly a blast, i had planned with Maxim to have a tea party, but at the time Poseidon were busy in a gunfight, so when we turned up we kinda just took over and made our own fun for a bit. Shame when Poseidon finally did arrive they didn't bring their party hats and instead started shooting us, but hey, MPU harbour was a nice secondary location anyway! Thanks to everyone who got into the white van!
  10. Best of luck Bobal!


    1. Stavik


      Perfectly cut scream!

  12. he's always looking for a scrap
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